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Thread: Survival Rifle and Survival Pistol Combo (riding Recon's thread)

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    Survival Rifle and Survival Pistol Combo (riding Recon's thread)

    I didn't want to hijack Recon's "Top 4 survival guns" thread...

    But lets take a look at another perspective...

    1) You can only have ONE caliber
    2) You're only allowed ONE rifle and ONE handgun of choice

    And when I say handgun, I don't mean an AK/AR rifle and an AK/AR pistol... I mean a handgun in the purest sense.

    So.. what would it be?

    22 Long Rifle
    -Ruger 10/22
    -Sig Mosquito or Walther P22

    410 ga
    -Taurus Judge (bonus being able to shoot 45 Colt)
    -410 Shotgun

    9mm Luger
    -Glock 17/19 or Beretta 92F
    -AR15 with a 9mm upper... or perhaps an Oly Arms AR15 that has a mag well dedicated for a G17/19, or maybe a Kel-Tec Sub2000 (Glock or Beretta)?

    45 ACP
    -Glock 21or 1911
    -MechTech Systems .45 upper that replaces the slide on a Glock or 1911?

    357 Magnum
    -Glock 33 or S&W 640
    -Winchester/Marlin Lever Rifle

    IF limited to one caliber... I'd have to go with the FN 5.7x28, simply because the pistol holds 20 rounds (+10 extension available) and the PS90 mags hold 50 rounds that are easily clamped two together for 100 rounds and the ammo is relatively light.

    FNH 5-n-7 Pistol
    FNH PS90 Rifle


    The above combos are some that readily came to mind... again, the 5.7x28 being my favorite for reasons listed above. For this scenario (one caliber), yes, I realize that 5.7x28 is not readily available at most gun stores and PD's that you might "raid" in a SHTF scenario to resupply... but if you're a "prepper" like me and have a few thousand rounds stored, had to bugout and decided to bring only one caliber for two weapons.... I'm thinking the 5.7x28 and a couple thousand rounds round fit the bill... Both weapons and ammo could easily be carried in a back pack (yes the PS90 barrel would be sticking out).

    I'm thinking along the lines of Shane and Otis heading into town for supplies in TWD... Look how they got stuck in the Gym...

    What are your thoughts?
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    I'll take an ak and no handgun - just give me extra mags and ammo for the weight of the handgun

    OK, I'll play fair.

    I'd go with a .357 Mag Revolver - 4" Ruger GP100 and a Marlin 94CS. The .357 Mag in the Marlin is just a bit behind the 30-30 in power - 1800 fps with a 158 grain bullet. Good enough.
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    cass co. mo.
    i could live off of a couple 22s

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    It would depend on the situation. Is this post meteor strike or planetary flip over and the world infra structures have gone to shit? Is it the mythical Zombie Apocalypse? Will civilization ever be restored or are we all back to the early iron age with no electricity?

    That's why I say depends ... on what exactly has gone to poop and how far.

    In a practical sense, .22 LR is a tad light for anything but small game. True you can kill a deer with it if you get a head shot on it. But that's a small bobbing target, I'd rather have something that can put a serious dent it it's innards.

    Therefore my total survival handgun and rifle package in the face of huge natural disaster and back to the iron age with no electricity would be ... .357 magnum revolver and lever gun. If I could find it, a .41 mag rifle and revolver would be better. I have handguns in both rounds and the .41 mag is a real power house by contrast to the .357. 220 to 240 gr. bullets at 1400 fps definitely delivery some energy, much more than 158 gr. bullets at the same speed.

    Second string pick would be an AR15 and a 9 mm Glock 19, both I own, but both toss the brass when you shoot. The .41 and .357 don't from the handgun and you can control ejection speed and distance on a lever gun, recover that brass and reload would be my strategy.

    For the Zombie Apocalypse a suppressed Ruger 10/.22 would be ideal. Get those 50 round steel lipped mags and you can quietly lay waste to those herds of walkers filing by. Shoot the last one in line and work your way forward. That way they never see one of their pack drop. For the handgun, I'll keep the Glock 19. 15 rounds of 9 mm will pop those zombie skulls well up close, which is the only reason I'd be shooting with it. They'd have to be damn close and inside my rifle pointing distance. Not the time to Mickey mouse around with a pussy .22 LR handgun at that point.

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    I'd go with a lever gun and DA revolver in 44 mag. Plenty of power for most things you HAVE to kill, at least in and around the lower 48 and in a survival situation I like the idea of not having to rely on detachable magazine. If you loose the mag, break a spring or otherwise damage it you're looking a a single shot IF the gun will even work without a mag (mostly a concern with some semiauto handguns).
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    Ruger GP100 .357
    winchester 357
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    Glock in .45 and a Vector with civilian length barrel.

    Both are light, interchangeable mags, and .45 is a ass kicker.
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    Savage single shot bolt action rifle and a Ruger single six in 22 LR. With either I can shoot every type and brand of 22 ammo on the market without worrying about feeding problems. Forget about boogermen coming to get me, I can hide really good. Not worried about taking big game in a survival situation, traps, slingshot, blow gun, and an occasional round from rifle or revolver will bring home meat for the pot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Ducati View Post
    I'm thinking along the lines of Shane and Otis heading into town for supplies in TWD... Look how they got stuck in the Gym...

    What are your thoughts?
    I was thinking that I'm grateful I've got an AKM and nice loadout of mags and ammo. I was also thinking about how nicely those 50. cal ammo cans fit in the locked toolbox of my pickup, and of how much more convenient it would be to put down the dead with an AK scoped with a Kobra and a nice loadout of mags vs a shotgun with almost no ammo.
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    I gotta agree with some of the other posters here with the wheelgun/levergun combo. Mine is already in the safe, and they would be the Marlin 1894SS and the Ruger Redhawk Stainless in the .44 Magnum caliber. They are exceptionally weather resistant, reliable and the rifle holds a respectable amount of firepower while also being easy to “top off”. The ammo is easy to find, the cartridges easy to reload, the rounds are also VERY effective at bucking cover & concealment and both accurate and lethal at realistic “assault rifle" ranges. The round can be loaded down to .44 Specials for HD and full-house magnums for SD and Hunting. Snake shot is also effective in taking small game.

    I could sell the rest of my guns if I ever had to, and keep only these two, and never go a day feeling under-gunned.

    However, if I was to go on the mission that you selected “Shane and Otis heading into town for supplies”….Out of what I have, I might take my XD-45 Tactical along with my Mathews 60lb. compound bow, due to the bow being quiet and the XD having a light/laser on it + it's hard to go wrong with 14 rounds of .45 ACP. Either that or my Mini-14 and XD-45 assuming someone else had a good bow/crossbow in the group.
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    TWD really makes me want a silencer
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    AK-47 ( semi) 7.62 ( or a blot action .308)

    Either a 9mm cz-75 or a Glock 45 ( 21 or 30)
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    I would go with the Sterling and a Browning high power. My other thought would be a thompson and a 1911.
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    I'd be happy with my Uzi and GLock 19.
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    My Glock-34-9mm
    My AK-223 it can use AR mags.
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    Mosin M39

    Mosin Obrez

    Just wanted to throw that out there.

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    I thought it was one caliber and one caliber only?

    If not, I choose:

    A G19 and a Armalite/S&W half breed AR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Ducati View Post
    1) You can only have ONE caliber
    2) You're only allowed ONE rifle and ONE handgun of choice
    1.Converted Saiga
    2.Draco/AK pistol

    Quote Originally Posted by Helen Keller View Post
    I'd be happy with my Uzi and GLock 19.
    Good call, but you might waste a little ammo, even if you do controlled bursts. I want to say I would be happy with my M11 and Glock 19, but I don't think I would.
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    Galil in .223 and a Sig 226

    Or the H&K91...

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    If I'm in a situation where I'm firing more than one a couple of rounds at bad guys... I'm in deep doo doo.

    AR for me. It's what I know like the back of my hand.

    .22 revolver for smaller critters.
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