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Thread: TWS Dog Leg Gen. 2

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    TWS Dog Leg Gen. 2

    Does anyone have any hands on experiance?

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    There seems to be a real lack of info on the web???

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    yes I have one, and so far nothing at all but positive impressions,

    I had it on and off 3 times, kind of a PITA to put on, but it seems to hold zero just fine,

    I have a burris 4x scope on it. I've got about 3-400 rounds with it on.

    groups at 100 yards with Russian Barnaul ammo my scope needed adjustment on the 1st group a lot.

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    I put the TWS dog leg gen 2 on my AK and absolutely love it. It's awesome how you can sight in the rifle, open and close the hinged dust cover of it, and have it returned back to zero. Well worth the money IMHO.


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