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Thread: Romanian AK47 kit 4 sale

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    Romanian AK47 kit 4 sale

    I am a new member and I live in Edna, Tx. I have a Romanian AK47 kit gun bought in 2005, but I have not had it put together yet. I would like to sell it because I don't know anyone that can put it together in my area & i hate to see it just sit. If anyone is interested, please make me a reasonable offer. I don't know much about this site, so my e-mail address is send me contact details & I will get back to anyone that responds. Thanks.

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    Welcome to the board!!!

    You might want to post what kit you have; "G", Standard Mil Issue, Folder or RPK. And if it is all matching serial numbers and what condition.

    There are builders in Houston.
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    sent an email.

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    Pictures would be good.

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    Do you still have the Kit.If so post pictures

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    Quote Originally Posted by recon72 View Post
    email sent
    the op was over a year ago, and hasnt had another post since. i wouldnt waste my time here.


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