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Thread: WTS: New 7.62x54R PKM Belts/links & Cans

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    WTS: New 7.62x54R PKM Belts/links (half inventory now sold)

    PKM 7.62 x 54R factory new qualified metallic links and ammunition cans in stock by the sealed case or pallet. 100rd belts with starter tab.

    N.B. Half inventory now sold as of 3rd January 2017, balance subject to prior sale(s)

    $300.00 - Delivery Included - per 10 - 100rd belts, each belt with its own starter tab in the domestic U.S. only, Ships least expensive way at this price

    March 2016: We are now offering 10 - 100rd belts each with Starter Tab (1000 links, 10 starter tabs) for $300.00 per lot delivered in the domestic United States. Ships least expensive way only such as USPS or UPS, unless you want to pay the difference in transport. This is a good start for USG programs that need samples but have no funding, and we will even accept payment on your USG credit card.

    Also for civilian shooters, who at about 700 RPM your PKM has put you in the “poor house” and cannot afford a full case, based on our “Poo Folks” pricing offer (the name of an actual restaurant in West Virginia).

    We also offer 5,600 PKM link case pricing, full pallet pricing, and 1,000,000 link pricing directly from stock for 4-5 day emergency delivery to domestic US Conus bases so they can be overnight anywhere U.S.A.F transport wing flies. This is why we depot them in an heated, air conditioned U.S. warehouse for USG emergency delivery, since 2009 at our expense. For all of us who have served in the armed forces we understand military “hurry up and wait” procurement that will never change as the armed forces have changing priorities thrown at them out of the blue. No other contractor that we know of will carry six figures of "lost leader inventory" for the USG in the United States alone

    Caina Longbranch Limited

    November 2013 Update

    Special note to PKM users and buyers: The NATO US Mil Spec system buys M-240 and M-249 ammunition already linked, in M-13 and M-27 links respectively. The Eastern Standard “PKM system”, almost NEVER buys the ammunition linked.

    For the Eastern Europeans, and at least one smart USG customer in 2002, it is best to by both items, as available and link as required (belt loaders stocked & provided, if necessary). If one holds out to buy both at the same time like M-240/M-249 ( a little unreality) they might just find the ammo and loose the links. Budget craziness is off and our smallest USG order to date was 2,000,000 links - twice what we have in stock in the US. Our European inventory would be 90-120 days from import if we sell out US stock . If this happens some customers can be practical, however some other will get really angry with both of us because stock was not held for them. We are both made to feel like we drove a dump truck over their pet cat Rupert (meow!) and we need to somehow atone for this.

    Seriously, we spell this out to be clear and avoid the drama and the human anguish! Caveat Emptor.

    Additionally, we were just reminded that our recently produced 7.62 x 54R PKM links are the last of an era that not only received factory production certification, but also strict MOD certification which was discontinued a few years ago throughout Eastern Europe due to cost cutting measures. Its essentially a double certification of the highest certified quality. When these links are gone, while we can produce more we can no longer provide both our factory production and MOD certification.

    October 2013 Update

    We finally found out what the situation is with the defective or hidden over priced PKM links and some 7.62 x 54R Steel Cased ammunition producers are now be considering our PKM link production, as a second source

    In some cases, the customers are paying $29.00 to $38.00 USD per 100rd round belt with starter tab. They are also fully qualified PKM links like our own at $20.63 USD per belt with starter tab (price ex works Europe)*. Some manufactures hide the overcharge in the lower cost steel cased 7.62 x 54R ammunition, which makes things appear “normal”. We only produce 7.62 x 54R brass cased ammunition, and only provide steel cased ammunition as a distributor when we are over capacity, but we know both markets very well since 1986. We also replaced 2,000,000 rds of defective 7.62 x 54R ammunition for a U.S. government customer who found themselves caught in a real mess in 2002.

    Worse still, some suppliers use refinished scrap links that are made to look like new but are used and damaged, which doesn't take much and will jam in a PKM. (its sort of "Russian Roulette" as to which situation you might have ) . Various American purchasers are still getting it up the rear end, “pardon my French” because they just don’t know the Eastern Standard Ammunition business and are vulnerable to overcharging or defective/used links being hidden in qualified lower cost steel cased offers (in which the ammunition is qualified but the links are not, including the use of false certificates. A similar case was caught in 2002 with missile certificates in Eastern Europe, leading to criminal fraud charges. If there is money to be made, these rascals stop at nothing. “Caveat Emptor” and don't bend over for the soap around these people. Our company has been involved in Eastern Europe since 1986 and have seen pretty much everything, in addition to similar “adventures” in North America on NATO/U.S. Mil Spec Standard.

    The best solution to overcharging or being defrauded with used defective links is to ask for the cost of 7.62 x 54R PKM qualified steel cased ammunition in basic military packing for the best price (not all 7.62 x 54R FMJ will function in a PKM machine gun). If what we say turns out to be the case in your purchase, we can ship pallets of PKM links directly to your ammunition producer or you can. Either way you save overcharging and get a fully qualified product, and faster as we hold inventory that others simply don't have in stock for immediate delivery.
    We can also provide you with as little as a single case of 5,600 links in the United States if you would like to purchase a sample in the US, or from our depot in Europe . We currently have over 1,000,000 links in the United States for immediate delivery, and over 3,000,000 in our production facility in Europe. We also have an approved export permit to France, from Europe, as of August to support French Afghan and African aid projects. We also just received yet another US import permit if more of the European inventory is required in the United States.

    Additionally, we also hold a small stock of new production belt loaders in Europe so that customers can store separate types of 7.62 x 54R such as FMJ ball, tracer or API and link them as required for mission requirements, as needed

    We hope this is helpful in avoiding disaster and another scandal
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    Shipping Rates

    In order to quote shipping rates for domestic orders we will need your zip code.

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    Out of curiosity are the 100 round belts in 25 round sections? Or are they one solid 100 round belt? Also curious if you have any linkers. I don’t know that I would buy either, just mostly wondering. I already have one linker and plenty of belts. Couldn’t hurt to know for future reference though.
    Doobie Doobie Doo..

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    PKM link configurations for sale and PKM belt loader availability

    Quote Originally Posted by Penguin View Post
    Out of curiosity are the 100 round belts in 25 round sections? Or are they one solid 100 round belt? Also curious if you have any linkers. I don’t know that I would buy either, just mostly wondering. I already have one linker and plenty of belts. Couldn’t hurt to know for future reference though.

    Please excuse the delay in our reply. The belts are produced in straight 100 round sections, each with its own starter tab. Each belt is then dipped in oil, packed two belts per plastic bag and 56 of the 100rd belts per wooden case

    Regret no belt loaders in North America at the moment. We have to ride the hand cranked belt loaders in with another incoming shipment, otherwise the shipping cost on belt loaders alone is prohibitive for regular orders

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    Ok thanks. I will pass at this time on the 100 round belts. I already have a lot that are in 50 round sections. If you get a linker though Let me know I would probably be interested in one.
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    when they come in we can send a PM and if you are interested at the time this is OK

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    Sounds good to me thanks.
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    Answers to questions on 7.62 x 54R PKM links

    In answer to a few questions asked, this is indeed a price per belt. Other qualified new production internationally ranges from $24.00 USD per 100rd belt with starter tab from the China which is non-importable, to $29.00 USD per belt to $40.00 Euros per belt in various places in Eastern Europe for this complex, costly to produce link. Please keep in mind that these other prices are for the 20ft sea container price elsewhere. We stock new production qualified links, based on stock on hand, as a strategic complement to our 7.62 x 54R military ammunition sales. The shooter collector market simply benefits with sales of as little as a single case as an off shoot of this military logistic support. Please also keep in mind that some sell used belts with no qualification of fitness for as much as $40.00 USD per belt that was bought as metal scrap and imported. Used links such as, while OK for recreational shooting, should never been taken into the field as a military/combat qualified item. It is like used parachutes, climbing ropes, or un-documented used aircraft parts. If the links fail so will the PKM and someone is going to “drop out of the sky!”

    We hope this helps to answer questions on PKM link pricing, availability and operational safety for actual service issue use

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    Answers to other questions asked

    Thank you for your comments and I thought that we should share them with the group as we are all such keeners! . Most or much of what we provide is for military sale/government use only as we are primarily a defence contractor as opposed to a civilian sales importer. Items that are available for civilian sale and are in North America are advertised with pricing shown. Items such as 40mm grenades are not a civilian sales item, and pricing is quoted to qualified military government buyers only on a case by case basis from stock or production which changes.

    The only aberration are the new production 7.62 x 39 Zastava M-70 / AK-47/AKM magazines which are depoted in Europe and will probably vanish in an military sale before we could import them. They were bought to support our military 7.62x39 rifle and new ammunition sales. There has been a flood of scrap and scrap refinished magazines bought and imported into the US based on price alone. While the price for the new magazines is attractive they are sold in bulk as class A combat serviceable military magazines. New rifles magazine and machine gun links truly are like parachutes and climbing ropes. They must be a new production, military service item upon which lives can depend. There is no room for used, refinished or civilian standard items. Its one thing for you and I to go to the range on the weekend as a hobby (we are shooters as well). It’s quite another for someone in the field when the fighting, killing and dying takes place in which there is truly no margin for error or sloppy or iffy standards and this is a huge responsibility

    We noticed that the new production PKM cans we have in stock were not priced and could be and should have been. The prices are as follows with a minimum $200.00 order to avoid losing money on this new production item (new factory production, not used or refurbished surplus stock)

    - 200 rd. 7.62 x 54R steel PKM ammunition can: $ 31.32 USD ( In stock).

    - 250 rd. 7.62 x 54R steel PKM ammunition can: $ 25.80 USD (In stock, the highest volume can and the lowest price).

    - 100 rd. 7.62 x 54R aluminum PKM ammunition can: $ 33.42 USD (Last price sold at, out of stock at the moment). These actually attach to the gun like an M-249/Mimimi plastic 200rd 5.56mm SAW pack.

    There are limited numbers of the 200rd and 250rd cans in the U.S. and when they are gone, more will be imported along with more 100rd cans and PKM links. If history is any indiction, the US PKM link and can inventory may be gone by end of Sept 2012 as the USG spends its 2012 budget dollars before the end of this month to avoid losing them and having to spend 2013 dollars after the beginning of Oct 2012 - next month.

    Please note that we have no connection to any other company. Our business practices for the past 26 + plus years are our own and believe they are pretty consistent and straight forward. Life is simpler that way. If we can answer a question well will. If we cannot, due to the primary nature of our business, we will tell you that also

    We hope this lengthy explanation is helpful
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    Thanks for the info. It has been my experince that I like the 100 round belt boxes the best. They also tend to the be the hardest and most expensive to find.
    Doobie Doobie Doo..

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    Its a matter of materials used and volumes produced. The 250rd cans are steel, are simpler than the 100 rd aluminum ones that attaches to the gun. The 250rd or proverbial fortress box so to speak is also general issue and hence the volumes produces are quite ubiquitous

    As soon as we need more links imported into the US, more 100rd aluminum boxes with be produced and shipped to save on shipping and avoid having to charge an arm and a leg per box for the civilian market as well

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    PKM Belts in other larger or smaller lengths

    Other Lengths: - We also produce 200rd and 250rd belts (or variations) upon request, but consider the 100rd with starter tab to be the most practical for most operations. These new production belts can also be converted into the two longer, or smaller, lengths simply with the use of a pair of needle nose pliers. This is exactly the same way the belts are assembled during production. Simply detach one starter tab and join full belts or part belts as needed. This can be done in the field by soldiers or in our production facility according to customer requests.

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    Computer / Website Glitches

    Please excuse the inconvenience of our website being offline over the long weekend of 6th October. Some computers don’t like to communicate with one another. Some definitely communicate with people and there are those who don’t like to communicate with either. We have since sent in an “insertion team” with thermite grenades and this computer is in the process of meeting a “sticky end” as the Brits would say. Hooah!

    If the non hyphenated one doesn’t work this evening, try the hyphenated one at:

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    250rd PKM belt with starter tab option

    OPTION: 250rd PKM Belts with starter tab, factory converted & re-packed from new production European inventory only. $55.58 USD/belt by the case, Ex Depot, Europe, subject to prior sale with stock on hand.

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    Question asked about next delivery of 100 rd PKM Cans

    The 100rd PKM cans will have to ride in with the next lot of PKM links to keep the price reasonable. Right now we don't have a definite delivery as the remaining 185 to 190 cases of PKM links that we have now in the United States will sell first and then we will bring in the next import with 100rd PKM cans to save shipping

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    PKM Link & Can Update

    Please note that are PKM cans are new factory production, not used or surplus refurbishments

    Additionally, our factory new production, combat PKM links are still one of the best values around at $21.66 per 100rd belt with starter tab by the case or 200 or 250rd belts at about half the price of others with links of undetermined origin

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    Another use for starter tabs & making larger or smaller belts in the field

    This question was asked and should be shared with the other readers The starter tabs in each 100rd belt also help to orient the belt so you are not inserting it in the upside down as you can only insert the belt one way with a starter tab always at the same end of the belt

    The surplus belts or surplus scrap purchased as steel scrap by the Kilogram from scrap yards that have been imported in many cases are for earlier guns and not necessarily PKMs. Not unlike buying used climbing ropes or parachutes and hoping they work most of the time. It the belt fails, then so does the gun. Some may fit and feed, some may not but most or many do not have starter tabs and this is why belts can go in upside down

    Additionally, the 100rd belts with starter tabs are the most practical however, when you need larger or smaller belts in the field the sizes can be made larger or smaller with a pair of need nose pliers. This is the same way they are assembled by hand on the production line and we can also make or convert from stock larger or smaller belts to order. Complex part, “old school” production, however, very effective and less chance of damage during assembly. This is also why PKM links traditionally cost more the simpler to produce 7.62 x 51 M-13 or 5.56x45 M-27 NATO links.

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    Other belt Lengths - Popular Question

    As noted, only the 100rd belts with starter tab are ready to ship. Other lengths can be produced with a set of needle nose pliers to make any length you need

    For other lengths, apart from 100rds with starter tab from our European production, we only offer these from Europe for import into the US or to operational theatres. We are not set up in the United States to convert belts, only distribute what we have in stock at the moment. Quantities that are viable for import can be imported in other lengths, but this is usually 4-500,000 links plus to justify the 20ft sea container and the import paperwork

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    Small or larger order pricing change/option

    $21.66 USD/belt by the full case only ($1212.96 per case), Ex Depot, United States for fast, convenient CONUS / domestic delivery, subject to prior sale.

    After 1 July, 2013 this above price will apply to orders of 10 cases + because this price is a volume 20ft sea container price in which our company sees link production and sales as a strategic complement to our 7.62 x 54 ammunition production to support the dominant 7.62x54R machine gun; the excellent Soviet pattern PKM series (for which most of our ammunition in this caliber is made). The above price will still apply to 10 + cases, but orders under 10 cases will be sold for $24.00 USD per 100rd belt with starter tab or $1344.00 USD per full case of 56 belts to offset the cost of running and shipping small orders domestically. The price of $24.00 USD per belt for a small order is still more than fair when one considers that this is the same next best price for a 20ft sea container of PKM links (approximately 1 million pieces) from other manufactures. After that the next best price that we have seen on the market for the same new production, correctly combat qualified Eastern Standard PKM links from other link manufactures is $29.00 USD for the same belt, followed by $38.00 USD/belt followed by 40.00 Euros per belt for export viable quantities. This makes either of our prices not only more than fair, and the 10 + case truly excellent for new PKM links which is sometimes not understood for the value it is.

    The volume case price for less then 10 + cases as noted above will be honoured in the United States only up until and including 1st July 2013. After that the small order price of $24.00 per belt by the case applies.

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