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Thread: Time to show the Kimber Eclipse Some Love, Need advice

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    Time to show the Kimber Eclipse Some Love, Need advice

    I need some advise, I need to show my Kimber Eclipse shown in the picture below some love.

    I would like to put a mag well on it, and a new set of grips. While I am at it, I think I will get rid of the full length guide rod and go with a GI style recoil spring guide and a stainless plug.

    I'd like to go for something similar to the picture below.

    What I need your help on is the grip material and pattern.

    So far my options are.

    Smooth Alumagrip

    These are simple, and look good and will compliment the matt black areas of the eclipse.

    Checkered Aluminum Grip from Hogue

    Checkered G10 from Hogue

    A custom Set of Ebony Checkered double diamond grips from Ahrends or Esmerelda
    I'd get the magwell cut not the one shown below.

    Hogue Also sells them in Ebondy but the Ahrends or Esmereldas should be nicer.

    What do you guys think? I am leaning towards the Ahrends Ebony. The smooth grips look cool but nothing says 1911 louder than double diamond checkered grips.

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    Definitely checkered... Really helps lock the gun into your hand.

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    Those are G10's on the Wilson and I love them for that reason, they are very grippy and compliment the front strap checkering well.

    But I am not sure G10 is classy enough for the Eclipse.

    So what do you guys think, aluminum or Ebony?

    Is Aluminum a little too industrial and lacks the class of natural Ebony?

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    If you're looking for more choices, go to eBay and search "1911 grips." You'll be pleasantly surprised at all the different types of grips you'll find.

    As far as the ones you've shown above, I like the G10 ones.

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    I have g10's on my dan wesson. I love 'em.


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