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    Conversation at work

    about suppressors. Is it very effective to do this to a wheel gun? How would the device mount to the bbl? Would it have to be threaded into the bbl, leaving the bbl end thin or would it slip over the bbl and be a twist on? How about the gap between the cylinder and the frame? Would this not let a large amount of sound escape? My thoughts are, as it would dampen the report, there would still be a large amount of sound. Also how would this change the pressure coming thru the gap between the cylinder and bbl?
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    IIRC, they experimented with suppressed revolvers some time back... it involved a sealed cartridge. That aside, the only revolver I can think of as a candidate for suppression is the nagant revolver, which moves the cylinder forward to close the gap before firing.

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    This is the nagant revolver suppressed,and it works well. I have seen some of the attempts at suppressing a colt anaconda and a smith mod 10. Both had very tight cylinder to forcing cone fit that when they were fired once, they had to be cleaned before a second shot could be taken.
    The suppressors both had a slot cut in them that the front sight fit into and then was twisted to seal the barrel to the suppressor. This also had to be kept extremly clean for a perfect fit.
    In other words, it wasn't worth the hassle.


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