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Thread: mec automate help plz

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    mec automate help plz

    Hi every one I want a automate to go under my 9000G but with the prices so high in the uk for them i was thinking of making my own 12v model but really could do with a few messurements off one if anyone has one out there?

    would be a great help if some one could help me out.
    the messurements I need are below in mm if possible.

    depth on top rear to start of slope
    slope size,
    front hight up to slope
    rear hight without including the feet
    disk size aross disk
    center of the disk to the conecting arm bolt size
    lenght of arm from disk bolt to upper bolt thats on the rear of the press
    and thickness of steel used for the auto mate and the disk.

    cheers Bart.

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    Hello from the US Bart. I have a MEC Jr. press so can't give you the answers to your question. Good luck on your project and if you ever get it done, give us an update post. Also, welcome to

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    Thank you Schuetzenman I have a mec jr to i was hoping to build a unit to go under that too will keep you updated on the project soon as i can get some mesurements so i can get the steel ordered.

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    to the board! I'm not a shot shell loader but maybe there's somebody here that's got one and can get you the measurements...
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