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Thread: Custom Mosin Nagant target rifle

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    Question Custom Mosin Nagant target rifle

    Another thread on here got me to rethinking something I pondered many years ago. How hard would it be to get a new barrel for a Mosin Nagant 91/30, say something along the lines of a 1" tube with target crown rifled in .311 with a twist rate specifically for the heavy steel core 182gr surplus ammo? Perhaps a machinegun barrel like the one another fourm member used on his modified PSL?

    Not sure how I'd go about mounting a scope on it but was wondering how practical it might be to set something up realtively cheaply just to see how much accuracy a man could come up with?

    At the time that I first thought about this I had a bunch of the old Century U-Fix'ems. Remember back when you could get 4-5 rifles for around a $100? The ones I had all had perfectly fine receivers and bolts but most were missing front sights and had pretty shot out bores. Plus most had stock cracks so chopping up one to fit a large bull barrel wouldn't have been much of a loss.

    Anyway, was just wondering if anyone had done this, knew of anyone who had or could figure out what it might cost?

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    People are doing this with cheap MG barrels, I've seen targets supposedly giving under MOA accuracy. I've thought about taking a junker and making one, I have an old cut down M39 stock that would work perfectly for one. As fas as scope mounting goes I would opt for one of the newer side mount PSO type mounts VS the older PE/PU type of mounting.

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