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Thread: Hand loading for the NDM-86 .308

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    Hand loading for the NDM-86 .308

    Have any of you tried heavier bullets like the 175gr?
    I am already going to be working with a couple of 168gr loads and know what the rifle is capable of with that weight, but haven't ever shot anything heavier.
    Any suggestions along that road, or any 168gr load suggestions I can use as a starting point to get me close to what mine might like?
    Thanks for the help.

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    What's the twist rate on an NDM?

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    If I remember right it's pretty close to 1/10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by juilliano View Post
    If I remember right it's pretty close to 1/10.
    If it is 1 in 10 then the 175 should work. Being gas operated you should probably stick with mid level burn rate powder like Varget, 4064, 4895.

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    Thanks for the info so far.

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    Have loaded 168's with good results. Have also thought about trying 175's but have not yet. Interested to see the results.

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    Hi there. I have loaded for the Norinco M14S that I once owned along with a few 99 Savages that have also been let go. I use RCBS small base full length sizing dies for reliable chambering and extracting. I still have a Mark X Mannlicher stocked 308 that I load for and I also recommend IMR -4895 as well as WIN 748 powder as medium rate powders are recommended over the slower burning types to make it safer for the action of your treasured shooter there. Dragunovs are Prohibited in Canada so I am looking for at getting back into a M14S as Polytechs and Norincos are still being brought into the Country. I have had great results with Reminton Corelocts as well as the Hornady Interlocks and Interbond and SST slugs. Nosler BT are also very accurate although in 308 I have mostly used 150 grain slugs. I load 200 grain Siera Game Kings in my 1896 Swede Mauser Sporter with IMR 4350 and they shoot great at a somewhat reduced load for the old Mauser. Not sure if the 200's would be a little too heavy to have a flat trajectory as I have not used the 180's in the 308. Best of luck.

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    Hope the firing pin has been modified....?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunsmoke View Post
    Hope the firing pin has been modified....?
    Yup, you did two pins for me. They worked beautifully.
    Unfortunately I never got around to reloading for the Ndm before I sold it this last summer. I miss it, but I had to come up with money to cover a dog surgery. Unfortunately I ended up also losing that dog.

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    Been there done that my dogs.


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