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Thread: 1956 Production of Chinese Type-53 Carbine's

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    Exclamation 1956 Production of Chinese Type-53 Carbine's

    On Gunboards they once did a Post about Type-53 Production Numbers. 1956, which is the Year I was Born, were only made for 2 Months. Total Production was in the 4 Million Range. Mine was made around mid Feb. 2 Months' before I was Born. I was lucky to find a 1956 with all Matching Number's. However had to replace the Stock, and repair some of the Blueing. Like me She show's her Age, but still going. It was Imported by Omega Arm's in Tucson Ariz. Most 1956 made Carbine's are all Mismatch, as I was told. If you have one, please post. Paul
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    More of it.
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    Front and Back.
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    Nice rifle. With the cheap Russians, we forget that China was a big Mosin producer as well.

    How much does a servicable non-collectors grade run?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Izzy View Post
    How much does a servicable non-collectors grade run?
    Hobe, if you have an answer to the above question, I would greatly appreciate it! I bought a Chinese T53 (1955 date stamped on receiver) several years ago and it was a real BUBBA'D up nightmare! After alot of time and a little bit of money invested, she is almost back to her original self.......ALMOST! I'll have to post pics if I can find my camera.

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    Don Bell at Omega Weapon Systems in Tucson, Ariz. Has a Room full of Worn out Type-53s, mostly for Spare Parts, what ever your Type-53 need's, perhaps you can get from him. As for Cost, I got mine around 2006 from him, it was a 1956 with matching Numbers, but with 70 percent Blueing, needed a new Stock, major Gun Cleaning and a lot of TLC, for around 175.00 I would say counting the Replacement Stock, I spent more restoring it, than it cost me, by over 200.00 Dollars. but it was worth it, Being made 2 months before I was born, (Feb.56) and 1956 Guns are hard to find Matching, plus they only made them for less than 60 Day's that year, so with all that going for it, that is the only Reason, I brought the old Warhorse back, it was worth it, just fired it again Sunday before 4th of July, she still does great, but does not like Surplus Ammo. This was that rare one worth a major overhaul to bring back.
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    Thanks for the info man. Im gonna have to give him a call and if things sound good, i'll drive down and pick through a couple of junkers to help finish my 1955 dated T53.


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