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  1. Coloorado Deer-Elk
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  3. Damn it was miserable this morning.
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  5. Our First Sergeant got his elk this year
  6. My son took his first buck this weekend.
  7. Shop starting to look like a meat locker...
  8. Axis Deer on my place....
  9. Here is a 3 year old buck called Rico...
  10. Been out walking
  11. More pics from the game camera.
  12. I have trouble with coons.
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  15. Everyone ready for deer season?
  16. Think I'm going to do an all day hunt tomorrow, Wednesday.
  17. OSOK........
  18. How far can doe in heat scents pull in a buck?
  19. Elk Hunt
  20. Deer Season 2011 Del Rio
  21. An anniversary I will never forget!
  22. Well, going to make one more effort at bagging bambi...
  23. ATTN Deer Hunters!!!!
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  25. Colorado Leftover Tags on Sale
  26. Anyone getting any?
  27. 2012 Deer Season Del Rio, Texas
  28. Kansas deer 2012
  29. went deer hunting this weekend
  30. End of 2012 deer hunting in alabama
  31. They're out there waiting
  32. here you go you nonbelievers!!!! 24.5inch double drop tine
  33. Modern Rifle season for deer?
  34. A Friend took a 6 point off my place with my Norinco Hunter
  35. My friend took this beast this morning..... LUCKY S.O.B
  36. Cooking the last of my tenderloin.
  37. Found a Honey Hole
  38. Filed Deer Draw Application
  39. Got Salt?
  40. Dang I hHte Waiting
  41. You Can Smell It In The Air
  42. IT'S HERE
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  45. Elk 16
  46. This guy tried to crawl in on his belly
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  50. Making Meat: A Step-by-Step Guide to Butchering Your Own Deer
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