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  17. not sure how I missed this one before.
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  48. Russia Gives Afghanistan 10,000 Kalashnikov AK-47 Rifles!
  49. Putin Is Sending 150,000 Soldiers to Syria to WIPE OUT Evil Islamic State
  50. Russia Begins Issuing AK-12's
  51. A Right-Wing Militia Trains Russians To Fight The Next War
  52. Russia Kalashnikov Boosts Work Force As Export Orders Soar
  53. Russia Likely To Co-produce Kalashnikov AK-100 Rifles In India This Year
  54. The USA Buys Kalashnikovs For The Afghan Army
  55. Kalashnikov's AK-12, AK-15 Field Tests To End This July
  56. 70th Birthday Of The AK-47 Today!
  57. Gen. Mikhail Kalashnikov Statue Unveiled In Moscow Ceremony
  58. Russian Kalashnikovs To Be Produced In Saudi Arabia
  59. Russia to Donate Thousands of AKs to the Philippines
  60. Russia to Supply AK Rifles to Royal Thai Armed Forces
  61. Russia Says it Will Attack U.S. Military if Trump Strikes Syria Again
  62. Russian Warships Leave Syrian Port To Conduct Exercises
  63. Russia To Finally Build The AK Rifle Plant
  64. Four Russian "Military Advisers" Killed In Syria Clashes
  65. Russia Expedites Negotiation Of AK Rifles Deal With India!
  66. Victory Day parade kicks off on Moscow's Red Square
  67. Kalashnikov’s New AK Rifle 7.62x51mm
  68. Moscow marks 75 years since victory over Nazis with traditional parade on Red Square
  69. Sovietskaya pewpewpew suka blyat
  70. The Soviet Union completes development of the AK-47 on this Day!
  71. How do you properly Pronounce the Russian Word for Metal Folding Stock?