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  1. NUGENT: To err on the side of freedom is no error
  2. Allentown PA. overcharging for gun permits!
  3. Chicago's tough new gun ordinance goes into effect
  4. Police and ATF agents bust weapons cache at Mesa home
  5. Flint, MI - No action taken on Flint gun ordinance Monday night
  6. North Wales - One gun licence a day is granted in North Wales
  7. UN starts talks on global arms trade treaty
  8. HR 5700 - Service Member Second Amendment Protection Act of 2010
  9. CA - Lawsuit aimed at ammunition restrictions
  10. Firearms and Ammunition Excise Tax Improvement Act Moves Forward in the Senate
  11. SAF Sues in New York to Void 'Good Cause' Carry Permit Requirement
  12. Cavalry Arms Corp. back in the news
  13. New video/site shows sheriff deputies abuse of 2nd and 4th Amendments
  14. For those of you who think 922(r) is stupid,
  15. Declaration Of Orders We Will Not Obey!
  16. The Ninth Circuit Panel and Nordyke v. King
  17. Gun Permit Allows Quick Access to Texas Capitol
  18. Irish gun owners can now shoot intruders
  19. Mexico calls for weapons crackdown
  20. ACLU lawsuit gets widower his guns back
  21. CA - Democrat gun ban creeps along
  22. Gun Group Supports Firearms Microstamping Study
  23. AZ - Concealed weapons permit, training requirement ends Thursday
  24. New Zealand - NZ introduces new gun laws
  25. India - Controlling the grey market for guns
  26. Plattsburgh, NY - Plattsburgh Town Council passes Cumberland Head rifle fire ban
  27. Pro-Gun Dems May Get a Boost
  28. House to Vote on Bill to Protect Guns From Claims of Creditors in Bankruptcy Cases
  29. John Stossel--More guns, less crimes?
  30. Raymore, MO - Raymore gun issue will be on Nov. 2 ballot
  31. NH - Governor vetoes gun-sales license bill
  32. The right to regain the right to own a gun
  33. MA - Massachusetts “Gun a Month” Bill Fades Into Oblivion
  34. Jackson County, OR - Sheriff appeals ruling on handgun license denial
  35. Loveland, CO - Gun owner sues city
  36. Urge Your Congressman to Cosponsor Important Pro-Gun Reform Bill
  37. MD - Gun rights advocates challenge Maryland's restrictions on handgun carry permits
  38. In Wake of 'Heller,' 3rd Circuit OKs Ban on Unnumbered Guns
  39. Knoxville, TN - Posted - no guns in Knoxville City-County Building, and other places
  40. Dominican Republic - Gun importers say ban spurs smuggling
  41. Chester, PA - Chester council OKs resolution on guns
  42. TN - Man files suit against Tennessee for right to carry a handgun without permit
  43. MA - Gun foes cheer bill to revamp CORI law
  44. Exeter, PA - police chief: Gun issue ‘blown out of proportion’
  45. El Segundo, CA - Police policy on guns openly carried is obsolete
  46. NY - NYS Senator Hopes To Restrict Access To Handgun License Information
  47. Feds charge Annapolis gun shop owner
  48. Wilmington, DE - Housing authority 'waves white flag' on gun ownership
  49. KS - Critics target concealed carry changes
  50. San Francisco, CA - MTA Bans Movie Ads Containing Guns
  51. CA - Long Gun Registration Bill Still Pending Consideration
  52. San Francisco, CA - SF supervisor's gun-violence effort targets bullets
  53. PA - Gun-advocates up in arms over concealed-carry hearings
  54. IL - Governor Quinn Steps Up Attacks On Law-Abiding Firearm Owners
  55. Marysville, MI - Marysville changes firearms ordinance
  56. OH - Employer Parking Lot Firearm Legislation On The Horizon
  57. NRA v GOA?
  58. US opposes Seoul’s bid to sell old rifles
  59. Protecting the right to bear arms on Federal lands
  60. Rockaway Township, NJ - Should blind man be permitted to keep his guns?
  61. Finland to tighten gun laws
  63. Moorhead, MN - Ordinance to ban fake guns on hold
  64. Galveston County, TX - Judge shoots down gun ban worries
  65. Anti-Gun Congressman To Hold Hearings Advocating Federal Clamp Down On Gun Shows
  66. Justice Department tells FBI, ATF to work together
  67. India - Digvijay meets PM, opposes Chidambaram’s plan to change gun laws
  68. Jackson County, WI - Gun-rights advocates take aim at county
  69. San Francisco, CA - Neighbors Fight the Re-opening of SF's Only Gun Shop
  70. Firearms and the Constitution Versus Treaties
  71. Charleston, WV - Gun rights organization takes aim at Charleston
  72. Chappell Hill, TX - Bank encourages second amendment
  73. Portland, OR - Portland Mayor Proposes Gun Restrictions After Rash Of Shootings
  74. Gun controversy hits Miss Universe
  75. Canada - Firearms registry: Gum control
  76. Mexican President Felipe Calderón Blames Americans for Gun Violence. Again. Still.
  77. FL - Our World: Just one class needed to carry a powerful weapon -- a concealed weapo
  78. Natural Rights
  79. GA - Judge refuses to block ban on guns in church; case moves forward
  80. Westchester County, NY - Lawmakers to review gun safety law
  81. WV - Lawyer urges easing of gun prohibitions
  82. Davis County, UT - Gun advocates say Davis County can’t ban use of firearms
  83. Banning Lead Bullets!
  84. CA - Gun World closes doors
  85. San Francisco, CA - Man Sues For Right to Carry Gun Near Cole Valley's Grattan School
  86. Midway, NC - Midway considers stronger gun laws
  87. PA - State gun-control laws override any local laws
  88. Lee County, FL - Man sues Lee over gun ban in parks
  89. Gun law freedom lawsuit dealt blow
  91. NY - Assembly measure aims to strip gun rights
  92. NC - governor suspends gun rights
  93. 'Gays,' lesbians and guns! Oh, my!
  94. Westchester County, NY - Westchester gun owners take aim at county's firearm safety
  95. Seattle, WA - Kent man ends court challenge to Seattle gun ban
  96. Modesto, CA - Agents arrest owner of Modesto gun shop
  97. Israel - Settlers Say: Give Us Back Our Guns, Now!
  98. Iraq Veteran Stripped of Right To Bear Arms
  99. New York City - Make A Cooment On The Rules
  100. ABA At It Again
  101. Will County, IL - Peterson awaits ruling on gun charge
  102. Carrollton, TX - City Council bans drugs, turns focus to gun shops
  103. A Federal Hearing On Firearms in Commerce
  104. WI - State AG won't rule on enforcing gun laws
  105. NRA Challenges Constitutionality Of Federal Handgun Ban For 18-20 Year Olds
  106. Austin, TX - Gun Dealer Gets Prison for Selling to Illegal Immigrant
  107. CA - Victory for state gun owners, AB1810, AB1934, AB2358
  108. Oregon gunshop owner indicted as gun dealing probe takes international turn
  109. TN - Website shows which Nashville restaurants allow, prohibit guns
  110. MA - Officials discuss return of hearings for illegal gun possession
  111. If gun owner poses no threat, he should get his collection back
  112. ME - Proposed Ban On Guns In Public Places Stirs Debate
  113. Jersey Shore Borough, PA - ordinance banning firearms in parks
  114. The Second Amendment finally applies to the states
  115. Canada - Tories dismiss Liberal claim of ties to U.S. gun group
  116. I Don't Understand the VPC's Hard-On for CCW Holders
  117. Larimer County, CO - Smith changes mind, would not submit CCW names to state database
  118. OR - DMV offices across Oregon post signs prohibiting guns
  119. KS - A Second 2nd Amendment? Kansas Initiative Would Reaffirm Right to Bear Arms
  120. Gwinnett County, GA - Woman Fired For Carrying Gun On The Job
  121. NC - Will You Be Denied Gun Permit for Taking Ambien?
  122. Are You An Extremist? The Brady Bunch Speaks
  123. Billings, MT - ATF: Gun Theft May Be State's Largest
  124. The New 2009 Crime Statistics Are Out!
  125. Obama Reveals Anti-Gun U.N. Intent; Sends Ex-Seattle Mayor as Rep
  126. Germany - Father of teen shooter goes on trial for negligence
  127. Caught in the Crossfire
  128. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals upholds federal law prohibiting drug users from poss
  129. Man challenging constitutionality of gun permit revocation
  130. ATF Forms Teams in 7 Cities to Stop Gun Smuggling
  131. CA - Concealed Carry of handguns imminent?
  132. Venezuela - Discusses Proposed Gun Control Law
  133. SC - Few convicted on weapons charges in SC
  134. Madison, WI - Men Arrested At Culver's Openly Carrying Guns
  135. KY - Lt. gov. candidate would make concealed carry permit optional
  136. Cleveland, OH - Cleveland announces "voluntary" handgun registration; residents say "
  137. NYC, NY - ‘Don’t Drink And Carry A Gun,’ Vallone’s Proposed Law Says
  138. Santa Clara, CA - Gun Ban Ordinance Defeated
  139. Chadron, NE - City considers lifting ban on loaded guns in vehicles
  140. South Portland, ME - City proposal includes ban on BB guns, slingshots
  141. Santa Barbara County, CA - Firearms sales from Mission Hills home opposed
  142. Kennesaw, GA - where everyone is armed by law
  143. Brady campaign on Fabebook -- Too Many Gun Accidents!
  144. NJ - State senator proposes liberalizing NJ gun-carry law
  145. Study Ties Lax State Gun Laws to Crimes in Other States
  146. 25th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference held in San Francisco
  147. Elbridge, NY - Elbridge gun club & 'black rifles'
  148. PA - Self Defense Rights Are On The Line
  149. UT - Concealed weapons threaten campus safety
  150. Fort Hood soldiers told to list private weapons
  151. Why Gun Bans Still Don't Work
  152. Manhattan Beach, CA - Open-carry gun debate surrounds Hometown Fair
  153. Spanaway, WA - Gun owners claim deputy violated their rights
  154. OK - New Oklahoma law lets assistant district attorneys carry guns
  155. Mexico - Fewer firearms, more crime
  156. More States Allowing Guns in Bars and Restaurants
  157. IL - concealed carry could confront next governor
  158. Yavapai County, AZ - Supervisors: No change in gun policy
  159. CA - Final Action by Governor for Pending Bills for 2010
  160. Huron County, OH - Prof. packs heat, jailed
  161. Boone County, KY - Boone Co. considering gun law
  162. Catapult man loses in court
  163. Denver, CO - Deputy allowed to fly after gun found in luggage
  164. Gun control
  165. Challenge to Ban on Firearms on Postal Service Property
  166. UT - Right to bear arms enforced in class
  167. New accord with Mexico will boost gun traces
  168. Nashville, TN - Judge’s ruling may shut down Nashville gun shop
  169. MD - Advocates of localized handgun permitting see it as a step
  170. MD - High Court Hears State Gun Law Arguments
  171. Campbell, CA - Campbell officials discuss potential gun ordinances
  172. Waukesha County, WI - Gun-wearing Brookfield churchgoer sues after arrest
  173. UT - Proposal would allow Utahns to carry hidden guns without permit
  174. Topeka, KS - Suit against Kan. gun dealer sent to trial court
  175. CA - When Can We Deny Gun Rights to Mentally Ill?
  176. Let's Just Ban Guns So the Crazies Can't Get Ahold of Them and Massacre Children!
  177. Churchill County, NV - Gun ordinance causes a stir
  178. Study the ‘Castle Doctrine’ debate in PA, it has a familiar ring
  179. Madison, WI newspaper compares gun rights to civil rights…huh?
  180. New Zealand - 'Someone will be shot': Fake guns fear
  181. Will posting comments here put YOU on the government's watch list?
  182. Gun Control the world round, it doesn't seem to work.
  183. OH - State Supreme Court to hear preemption case this week!
  184. East St. Louis, IL - Partially Naked Gunman Goes On Shooting Spree
  185. Cayuga County, NY - Locke man accused of illegally owning, selling handguns
  186. SAF Sues Eric Holder, FBI Over Misdemeanor Gun Rights Denial
  187. Ezell v. Chicago: Preliminary Injunction Denied
  188. Clark County, WA - Open-carry gun case ends with diversion deal
  189. IA - NRA wants full time soldiers included in “right to carry” law
  190. Clark County, WI - judge dismisses concealed carry case finding it unconstitutional
  191. Is the struggle for gun rights like one for civil rights?
  192. New Zealand - High-powered air rifles now require licence
  193. Columbia, MO - Personal Tasers ban might become Second Amendment issue
  194. Genesee Township, MI - shooting proposal is a bullet concern, not a firearms thing
  195. KS - Kansans to decide gun, voting rights
  196. OH - Concealed-carry license comes with limitations
  197. CO - State Supreme Court will hear campus gun ban case
  198. Ottumwa, IA - Ottumwa’s city council to consider a gun ordinance
  199. Australia - Coroner recommends mental health tests for gun owners
  200. Ventura County, CA - Gun group sues sheriff to obtain permit records
  201. CA - Ban on guns in parks before 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
  202. Bankruptcy Law: Now Guns Are Protected Items Under New Law
  203. Anti gun list(I found this on the NRA site)
  204. FL - Janet Reno's Ban on Open Carry in Florida
  205. Phoenix, AZ - City orders removal of gun-safety signs
  206. Carjacking suspect killed after shootout with victim on Detroit's West Side
  207. Industry pressure hides gun traces, protects dealers from public scrutiny
  208. Scalia takes Kagan to gun range, sources say
  209. AP Report Shows Need for Self-Defense, says Gun Law Expert
  210. NJ - laws on guns may be relaxed
  211. White County. IL - Right to carry town hall meeting scheduled here
  212. AZ - Proposition seeks constitutional right to hunt, fish; foes call it a power grab
  213. Gas for guns program may yield unintended consequence
  214. Lee County, FL - likely to lift gun ban
  215. Sacramento County, CA - Second Amendment Rights Reaffirmed
  216. Lancaster County, PA - County commissioners asked to ban firearms in polling places
  217. ATF's oversight limited in face of gun lobby
  218. Loss of Smokeless Powder The Greatest Threat to the RKBA in the USA Today
  219. NYC, NY - Huh? Bloomberg Proposes Slashing Gun Permit Fees
  220. KS - Put our RKBA back in the Kansas Constitution On November2
  221. Finland - Parliament approves tightening of firearms law
  222. IA - Some Iowa Sheriffs are hitting the panic button over the new firearms law
  223. WI - Gun sales lawsuit has hurdles ahead
  224. Kanawha County, WV - Judges Order All Cops Entering Courthouse Searched
  225. Battle brews to demonize 2nd Amendment supporters
  226. MI - When is a Rifle a Pistol?
  227. 2010 Firearms Law & The Second Amendment Symposium in CHICAGO!
  228. Baldwin County, AL - Deputies to enforce handgun ban in Baldwin buildings
  229. Mike Bloomberg Calls NRA "Unreasonable"; NRA Disagrees
  230. Interview with GOA's Larry Pratt
  231. Do Our Rights Come from God, the Constitution, the Supreme Court, or Congress?
  232. WY - No guns at rec center legal or not?
  233. MI - Right to carry guns in Michigan a hot topic after recent headlines
  234. OK - A new beginning for the 2nd Amendment in the Sooner State
  235. Lebanon County, PA - Court rejects lawsuit
  236. South Africa - Gun groups welcome Mthethwa pledge
  237. UK - Call for tougher gun licensing criteria after Cumbria killings
  238. Marshall County, MS - Supervisors Reverse Course on Gun Ban
  239. Tonawanda, NY - Firearms charges include manufacture of silencers
  240. Hunterdon County, NJ - No guns allowed for ‘habitual drunkard’
  241. American Hunters and Shooters: Another faux gun group bites the dust?
  242. Starbucks redux: Money talks and B.S. walks
  243. Washington, DC - Ammunition Ban Violates Second Amendment
  244. UK - Army cadets banned from carrying rifles on Remembrance Day parade
  245. NY - NYC Gun Registry Challenged In State’s Top Court
  246. Gulfport, MS - ATF, Local Police and Firearms Industry Join Forces
  247. MI - When Exposure of a Concealed Pistol is Guilty of Open Carry
  248. Anti-gun Mayors policy pays off, robbers safe.
  249. TX - First batch of legislative bills filed hit hard at immigration issues
  250. It’s Official: The ATF Sucks