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  1. 5.56x45 vs. 5.45x39
  2. Gemtech Oasis, YHM Mite VIDEO
  3. "Collateral" (the movie) jazz club murder scene (Gemtech Oasis?)
  4. A.A.C. Evo-9 suppressor
  5. Class 3 States
  6. NFA links?
  7. Living Trust Route to Class 3
  8. Form 4 mailed, waiting begins again...
  9. Any rules/regulations for converting a carbine or handgun to full auto?
  10. One like this for sale on GB!
  11. FA Mini 14's - AC556
  12. Fun at Knob Creek
  13. Alliance Armament Accelerator 12 gauge pistol
  14. Question about an SBR AR-15 kit
  15. 556 suppressor help
  16. Anybody here have a Cobry Street Sweeper?
  17. OK, getting a Norinco 320 (Uzi clone) - school me on SBR
  18. Quick, AR SBR question.
  19. Shooting test of my AC-556 video...
  20. AR 18 not running in FA
  21. Thompson Machine Poseidon/Springfield XD(m) combo: cycling problems
  22. NFA Question
  23. NFA Trust questions
  24. Does the ATF ever forget to collect payment?
  25. Unfired M11's in 9mm and M10's in 45ACP
  26. Swapped out a few parts on my M11/9.
  27. Cutting an AK bbl down?
  28. NFA Form 1 Question
  29. Form 4 going in the mail tomorrow: Silencerco Osprey .45
  30. can it be fixed?
  31. SBR what would you do? Ar vs Draco
  32. Suppressed Glock goodness.
  33. Which MAC is the better gun?
  34. Thompson Machine Operative B
  35. how to cleanly take apart a FA trigger group video ! STICKY !
  36. Picked up .45 Osprey today!
  37. Shooting the PKM GPMG
  38. Range report: .45 Osprey
  39. Suppressor videos: Osprey, YHM Cobra, Poseidon
  40. 20MM anti-tank sniper rifle on gunbroker
  41. I'm lovin McDonalds
  42. Markings on your receiver.
  43. Decided to SBR my Bushmaster.
  44. Review of Huntertown Arms .22 Suppressors.
  45. AR NFA question
  46. Conversation at work
  47. Moved my Thompson Machine Poseidon to a new Ruger 22/45.
  48. Finally tried my DPMS LR-308T and YHM Phantom 7.62 with subsonic ammo.
  49. Sig P6 with AAC EVO-9
  50. Say hello to my little ... little friend!
  51. And the wait begins ...
  52. 300 BLK 30 round mag test.
  53. Som my FFL/SOT is trying to tempt me ...
  54. Thinking about next 9mm suppressor.
  55. NFA Amnesty?
  56. AAC Eco 9mm, anybody have one?
  57. The wait starts tomorrow, yay!
  58. 5 months ... seriously?
  59. Form 1 approved! Around 5 months.
  60. Reserved a Liberty Kodiak .22 suppressor.
  61. Spaz 12
  62. Looking in to getting a supressor ?
  63. Need help trying to understand the current law here MI about.......
  64. M2 Machine Gun Gets U.S. Army Makeover
  65. Youtubes - scores of them of homemade SBR's and supressors....
  66. Need A 7.62 LMG?
  67. P22 W/ Suppressor. Sugggestions?
  68. ak suppressor
  69. Waiting on three cans.
  70. Questions reguarding suppressing 9mm pistols.
  71. And the wait is over ... kinda.
  72. Anyone run a Krink suppressor with an adapter?
  73. The wait IS over ... the pictures
  74. Huntertown Arms 7.62 Kestrel (AK suppressor)
  75. The wait is over for me too!
  76. H&K MP5 Sub-Machine Gun Test Quiz Questions!
  77. Form 4 back on Poseidon .45
  78. Form 4 back on Liberty Kodiak .22.
  79. Form 4 back on AAC Tirant 9mm.
  80. Suppressor family pic.
  81. Form 4 back on HK sear
  82. Best Bang for the Buck?
  83. Going rate for M11/9?
  84. NFA Trust in the works.
  85. Two more Form 1's back.
  86. What suppressor for a .338 Lapua
  87. Anyone know of a NFA for sale board?
  88. Form 1s off tomarrow.
  89. Almost 7 months to the day ... First SBR AR
  90. Some questions for you NFA experts....
  91. AR SBR / pistol questions
  92. Form 1 approved for my fourth SBR.
  93. M92 SBR complete! :)
  94. How long is your recent form 1 or 4 taking to to pending?
  95. I meant to post this earlier, just a head's up for our MI members....
  96. GemTech M496D .223 suppressor with Bi-Lock Question
  97. Estate Transfer for silencer (Form 5) in 35 days!!!!
  98. subsonic .44 question
  99. What NFA stuff to send off for next week?
  100. called the atf just now. 9 month wait!
  101. Some potentially good news for us MI guys !
  102. So Vicky at the ATF seems nice. 9 months still.
  103. What to you guys think about.....
  104. 305 days door to door
  105. SBR approved
  106. ATF Imposes Unofficial One-Year Waiting Period For Suppressor Transfers
  107. 337 days door to door
  108. Hell Ya MI members!!!
  109. ATF to Halt NFA Batch Processing, Re-Design eForms System
  110. VALMET M78 7.62 (308) Class III at $9K No Researve!!!
  111. Has the ATF made any decisions on "changes" to the NFA yet?
  112. Something I drew up last night.
  113. ATF NFA Branch Catching Up Slowly. Very Slowly.
  114. Heluva good deals!!!
  115. AAC Ti-Rant 9mm for $349 and some other great deals!
  116. Form 4 back on AAC M4-2000.
  117. The ATF just made it easier to submit payments on NFA forms
  118. ATF Approves Post-86 Machine Gun Form 1 (don't get too excited)
  119. Buy one AAC pistol can, get one FREE !!!!
  120. New Lawsuit Aims to Overturn Post-86 Machine Gun Ban
  121. Delrin QA/QD muzzle brake model
  122. SilencerCo: Salvo 12 Shotgun Suppressor
  123. eFile Form 1 approved - 33 days
  124. ATF update...
  125. Great carry case for SBR
  126. Help me choose a barrel length on next SBR
  127. Input request on my silencer design.
  128. The good fight continues here in IL.
  129. M16 with CMMG 22LR PDW upper
  130. Map of Federally Regulated Weapons
  131. BATFE Planning to Finalize Rule on NFA Trusts in December
  132. Specific PKM machine gun Ammo Question
  133. Keep a lookout for bogus Form 4s warns ATF
  134. ATF May Soon Reclassify Some Machine Guns as “Post Sample” and Non-Transferrable
  135. M.P. 40 at local Gunshop!
  136. Titanium 30cal Silencer Can DIY
  137. Anyone else happy about the CLEO signature going away?
  138. Confermation ... Happiness is a warm belt-fed suppressed M16
  139. New Suppressor!
  140. Heads up ... BTAFE ordeal ... but a happy ending!
  141. I'm in a delima ... which stock?
  142. Secret Service Goes Gun Shopping
  143. Just a quiet day in the country ...
  144. Decided to get a few NFA toys.
  145. Makarov 22 conversion (adapter)
  146. How SilencerCo is Undermining Silencer Shop’s Kiosk Program
  147. ATF new rules on NFA start July 13
  148. ATF Officials Propose Loosening Numerous Gun Regulations - Removal of Suppressors from NFA
  149. New suppressor adapter, first prototype for SPP
  150. Now that the NFA rush is about over ...
  151. MP5 SD & Styer SPP Adapters; trying to gauge interest, could be available soon!
  152. So now that the rush is over ...
  153. Georgia NFA Auction
  154. Converted Japanese Type 99
  155. Hoping for a little "Afternoon Delight" ...
  156. The U.S. Army is Looking for Its First New Submachine Gun Since WWII
  157. Eastern Front Firepower
  158. Army Finds 10% of M4 Rifles Fire Without Pulling the Trigger
  159. That Missing Machine Gun From Minot Turned Up In The Worst Possible Place
  160. 353 days later ...
  161. History of: H&K MP5
  162. The Story Of An Ambush & The British Sten Gun – A Spectacularly Successful Failure
  163. A Machinegun Made by Smith & Wesson
  164. The PIAT Gun That Saved the World: “It Was Rubbish, Really.”
  165. Meet Russia's Worst Military Gun of All Time
  166. Full Auto Friday: Belgian Rattlesnake edition
  167. Automatic Weapons Are Legal, But It Takes A Lot To Get One Of The 630,000 In The U.S.
  168. Everything you wanted to know about the Czech Skorpion
  169. Full Auto Friday: Bren gun edition
  170. Full Auto Friday: M1919 Browning edition
  171. Hitler's Machine Gun: Was the MG42 the Best Gun of World War II?
  172. Stechkin APS: Strange Soviet machine pistol fun
  173. Government Shutdown: No Suppressors for You!
  174. What to Do if You Find a Machinegun
  175. Full Auto Friday: Cold enough for Suomi edition
  176. Not pretty, but full of history: Partisan-modified MP40
  177. Full Auto Friday: Sterling Stormtrooper edition
  178. Parabellum fun with the experimental Vertical Fast
  179. Full Auto Friday: M2 Carbine edition
  180. Want a Short Barreled Rifle? Here’s How
  181. Full Auto Friday: HK Operational Briefcase Edition
  182. Che Guevara and the M2 Carbine: The Gory Death of a Paradox
  183. MP38 MP40 - 'Gun Stories'
  184. Full Auto Friday: MAC-10 Edition
  185. The Army picked this sub gun for security details to use while protecting top commanders and leaders
  186. Full Auto Friday: Swedish K Edition
  187. Alan Berg Assassination: MAC10 Murder & Gov’t Reclassification of a Semi-Auto
  188. Full Auto Friday: Chuck Norris Edition
  189. Colt Potato Digger Edition
  190. Full Auto Friday: The Grease Guns of Indy
  191. Madsen M50 Edition
  192. Classic Guns: The Steyr AUG
  193. The Owen Gun: Homespun Australian Firepower
  194. Full Auto Friday: Colt Monitor Edition
  195. Not sure if I'll SBR or not ... 10-22 Charger
  196. Full Auto Friday: Waterlogged StG44 Edition
  197. M-79
  198. Suppresors? What's the best deal for multiple platforms?
  199. F1:This Weird Australian Machine Gun Was a Beast on the Battlefield
  200. KPV Machine Gun
  201. The Death of a Legend: Baron Manfred von Richthofen & the Vickers that may have killed him.
  202. The ACTUAL Tommy Guns from the St. Valentine's Day Massacre
  203. Disneyworld and the Death of Osama bin Laden - HK 416
  204. Sten Mk II Machine Carbine
  205. This Day in History: Father of the FAL Dies
  206. This Day in History: the UD42 is Patented
  207. Maxims In The Third Dimension - WWI aerial gunnery reaches new heights
  208. China's QTS-11 Assault Rifle Is Dangerous—And Has One Big Problem
  209. Check Out the Gatling Gun that Fires 2,000 Rounds Per Minute
  210. This Day in History: Hiram Stevens Maxim Dies
  211. Dead: The U.S. Army's Newest Sniper Rifle Will Pick You Off at 1968 Feet
  212. Test driving the Army's new B&T APC-9K
  213. Makers Of The Famous Minigun Give Us Our First Look At A .338 Magnum Gatling Gun
  214. Stinger: The Hacked Machine Gun Of Iwo Jima
  215. AFLCMC Gunsmith shop creates rifle for aircrew
  216. The Air Force’s Neat-O GAU-5A: An M-4 Packed for Ejection Seats
  217. Sig Sauer’s MG 338 Heavy Machine Gun: The U.S. Military's Gun of the Future?
  218. 5 key features that define a machine gun
  220. Machine Gun Maintenance: Oil Attraction
  223. FNC – A Forgotten Rifle, not a Sports Franchise
  224. The Manliest Actor in Hollywood and the Machinegun that Almost Killed Him
  225. Meet the “Potato Digger” Machine Gun