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  1. Manurhin/ Walther Model PP
  2. Czech CZ-50 (vz50)
  3. Cz-52
  4. CZ 82
  5. new at aim, ordered one - free shipping
  6. ;) P38
  7. New Yugo
  8. East German VOLPO Luger
  9. ;-) M27 .45
  10. .38/200 Victory/ Lend lease.
  11. Might want to make this a "Sticky"
  12. Clarifying which Makarovs are C&R eligible!
  13. old luger marked S42 1939
  14. repro Luger Mags
  15. 1945 victory M&P SV 812, xxx
  16. Star Model B(S)
  17. Lets See Your CZ-82 Pics
  18. 7.62x25 Tokarev Polish Surplus In Stock
  19. What ammo for a M34 Beretta .380
  20. Feeding a Mosin Nagant Revolver alternant ammo
  21. Nagant m1895 revolver
  22. Sumbitch!! I Just Noticed My CZ52 Has a Cracked Triggerguard!
  23. Nagant 7.62 or the Tokarev for Concealed carry which one?
  24. I have a question about the curio&Relic ???
  25. 1895 Nagant revolver vs. 20 pound raccoon
  26. New Pistol on the Way!
  27. It's Here!
  28. Day at the Range with the CZ 82
  29. P-64
  30. NIMITZ's Handguns
  31. New Addition to the Family
  32. Just Ordered a WWII Nazi P-38!
  33. Nazi Walther P-38
  34. Get Out The Old Pistols, Let's Do Some Shooting!
  36. My first P38
  37. Annudder oldie.
  38. Sacrafice ihr Geld an die Maschine von Zeit
  39. Spanish Pistols
  40. Walther P1 "Gunsmith Specials"
  41. Something from Murica.
  42. Looking for a ballpark value
  43. a little golden cat ...
  44. Any Luger owners?
  45. The Mauser C96
  46. Bulgarian Makarovs
  47. Mud Testing the Venerable 7.62x25mm TT-33 Pistol
  48. The Starr Revolver
  49. The First 9mm: Luger P.08 Pistol
  50. GORGEOUS Colt Millikin Dragoon Could Set World Record at This Weeks Rock Island Auction
  51. Classic Guns: Colt Single Action Army Revolver
  52. Delving into the Mystery of the M1895 Nagant Revolver
  53. When the King of England Tried to Kill an American President, Kind of
  54. Handguns Of WWII Part 1 - German P08 "Luger"
  55. D-Day Assassination The Guide Lamp FP-45 Liberator: A Cheap Fistful of Chaos
  56. D-Day Trophy: Captured Mauser Select-Fire Blaster
  57. The British Enfield No. 2 .38
  58. The Bisley Revolver
  59. Real Imitations
  60. The German P38 9mm
  61. Straw Finish Luger Handguns
  62. The Hower 12-Shot .357/.50
  63. Smith & Wesson Model 1917
  64. The Finest Revolver Ever Made - S&Ws Triple Lock
  65. The Webley MK VI .455
  66. Colt New Army Model 1892
  67. Soviet Handguns
  68. THE BABIES - Genesis Of The Colt Single Action
  69. Belgian GP35: The First Military Browning High Power
  70. The Colt/Walker Revolver, Shooting a Piece of History
  71. The First Generation Colt Single Action Army
  72. Japanese Type 26 Revolver
  73. This Day in History: Kijirō Nambu is Born
  74. History Lesson: the Beaumont-Adams Revolver
  75. Reverend Forsyth and the Birth of Percussion Ignition
  76. Rare WWI-era Luger Saved from Torch by British Museum
  77. Classic Guns: Enfield Mk. I and Mk. II Revolvers
  78. Martin Fry's Failed Flintlock Pistols
  79. The (Hand) Gun that Won the West: Colt Single Action Army
  80. This Day in History: Swing-Out Revolver Cylinder Patented
  81. The World of German P-38 : Walther, Mauser, Spreewerk and Otherwise
  82. Japanese Nambu Type 14 Pistol: Still Seen in the Most Curious Places
  83. This Day in History: Gun Maker Leech & Rigdon Dissolve
  84. That Time Husqvarna Made Pistols: The Swedish M40
  85. This Day in History: Charles Richards is Born
  86. This Day in History: Georg Luger Dies
  87. This Day in History: John H. Hall Inventor, Machinist & Gunsmith is Born