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  1. Welcome Back!
  2. Tight Headspace and a Good Barrel
  3. Loose dustcover on Draco
  4. switch possible??
  5. Missing part on M70B1
  6. AMD-65 Side rail?
  7. Trigger Slap
  8. SAR 3 Problem- Need Help!
  9. Romanian AES-B RPK clone front gas block pin problem.
  10. any alternatives to the high creep trigger on my wasr?
  11. Sight adjustment
  12. Bulgarian AK74 (Century Build)
  13. converting single stack to double stack on wasr_10?
  14. Romanian bolt carrier in chinese?
  15. Barrel too Hot?
  16. Warsa 10/63 issue
  17. Milled Yugo
  18. Problem Parkerizing today. Input requested.
  19. American Tactical 75 drum not fitting into my AK47 Yugo M70 Magwell
  20. Just a Silly Little Dumb Question
  21. AMD stock replacements?
  22. any tips on reducing recoil, I have a pacemaker
  23. Cover scratches,etc.
  24. Romanian Intrac MK II ... need a little help.
  25. Norinco 56 barrel questions
  26. Question concerning remove/replace muzzle brake, AMD
  27. Newbie - AK47 Sight Alignment
  28. Thinking about a new bolt and carrier !
  29. Replacing underfolding stock?
  30. OK,time to stop lurking and introduce myself
  31. Assembly/Dissassembly of Underfolder stock
  32. Gunsmithing advice
  33. Headspace too tight?
  34. question about turning a barrel down.
  35. I'm old, but new here intro
  36. AK Spare Parts?
  37. Gas Piston length adjustment
  38. Questions on replacing an SAR-1 bolt
  39. Gas Piston Retainer Pin
  40. Barrel wobble?
  41. Canted front sight post
  42. AK74 front sight post on a Romanian ak47 ?
  43. Gunkote Questions - Please Help
  44. ak74 ejector
  45. How i learned to stop worrying and get that dang Receiver cover back in place
  46. How to Own a Gun in Calif
  47. Back site cant fix
  48. Chinese Norinco Long Barrel Muzzle Brake Replacement
  49. adjustable windage rear sight
  50. Red dot on a mak90
  51. Gunkote Warning: "Matte Black" Comes out Glossy!
  52. Another Gunkote/Alumahyde Question HELP! New pictures
  53. Update on unwanted glossy Gunkote Finish - Reply from Brownell's
  55. Ruger 10/22 Trigger upgrade anybody ?
  56. Sleeving a pistol barrel?
  57. Gunkoted Romanian WASR AK (Single Stack)
  58. Draco Pistol Question
  59. WASR reciver qeustion: what can be done?
  60. Rivets for Scope Rail
  61. AK-47 Ejection Issues
  62. Yugo m70 cycling issues... HELP!!
  63. Need help with ID
  64. Anyone ever hear of T15 lower receivers?
  65. Newbie AK47 owner with a few pictures and questions
  66. Need referral to Gunsmith-scope mount SLR-95
  67. anyone know how this is done?
  68. Rear sight mod
  69. Bought my first AK47, gas block question.
  70. Lubricate the firing pin and extractor?
  71. WASR-2 Gas Piston Replacement?
  72. Broken spot welds on Elk River receiver
  74. Firing pin protrusion
  75. Bulgarian SLR-95 De-Ban
  76. WASR 10 and UTG Quad Rail Problem
  77. Threading barrel on Post ban Maadi
  78. Elk River Tool@ DIE Where are they
  79. SGL-31 barrel diameter
  80. Cleaning rod mark on breech entrance of barrel.
  81. ELK River Tool-Die Explains
  82. Draco and suppressor
  83. Stuck
  84. The original AK blueprints
  85. Removing shell extractor on bolt assembly
  86. Rear sight off center
  87. Muzzle break
  88. Lower handgaurd gap
  89. please help ...Romanian side folder trouble
  90. My Original Russian (1952) AK 47 Type II
  91. Century yugo Stock
  92. Question about under-folding stock part
  93. Looking at new FCG's
  94. Hi I'm new to the forum and I have a question.
  95. Hungarian SA-85M mag wobble
  96. Siaga AK47 -- better trigger ?
  97. Legal question
  98. Siaga magazine problem
  99. Installing underfolder stock
  100. Pre ban chinese ak
  101. question about aks-74
  102. cleaning metal ak mags
  103. can i shoot my ak-47 in california
  104. need advice: Maadi piercing primers
  105. Super new here. Ak47 question. Please help
  106. Armory USA Yugo M92
  107. Question please on KOBRA EKM-1S-03M Sight
  108. New member, have questions. Thanks
  109. Saiga .223 help
  110. Canted rivet?
  111. Saiga AK-47 muzzle brake removel question.
  112. Wasr 10/63 side plate
  113. AK-47 Help!
  114. tweaking a rommy 40
  115. Single vs double hook trigger?
  116. FCG removal on Tantal
  117. My Yugo M70 is jamming!
  118. Stock change question
  119. Headspace gauge in northeast pa
  120. Zastava PAP yugo m70 misfeeding!!!! please help.
  121. Girl Shooting Yugo PAP M92 AK47
  122. Fixing a mak90!
  123. Holy Mother of Bastard Parts Bin AKs - My Project
  124. WTK: Squires Bingham AK-22 mags that can be converted from other mags?
  125. VEPR eats my brass
  126. Why I am sad: Magazine stuck
  127. Hi, im new to the site and my rear trunion is loose. Please help
  128. Strange screw and nut on Norinco Hunter?
  129. What Wood is this Buttstock???
  130. Rail and front trunnion alignment - need advice
  131. VEPR 7.62x54R **5rd vs 10rd Magazine** Please Help
  132. AK fires twice when trigger is pulled
  133. AK 47 Furniture
  134. New York Ban Legal AK
  135. B West. Anyone have the real story?
  136. MINI14 Mods?
  137. AK mag eject problem
  138. M10 762 safety lever question
  139. Cracked bolt carrier+ help ID'ing replacement carrier
  140. Norinco Mak90 Top Cover too long?
  141. Scoping a Mosin Nagant 91/30
  142. M76 wobbly magazine problem
  143. Jard trigger installation in an AK-47 Variant
  144. need some help with my h&k93
  145. Dent in a 30 round mag!!!!
  147. Damaged receiver?
  148. Installing FH on CETME
  149. ak47 mag will not lock in on my wasr help please
  150. need some help finding a flash hider i can pin on
  151. Probably the most in depth attempt to accurize an AK I've ever heard of...
  152. AK barrel threading assistance
  153. new gas block and front sight post
  154. needing to find a good bore site for my remington 700 sps tac 308
  155. Sighting a Yugo AK
  156. really dumb question.
  157. Friend cut off the Barrel of a Norinco, now it shoots 2 feet left at 100 yards!
  158. Sewing machine oil question
  159. Tool Grinder Improvement Program
  160. Tight fitting firing pin retainer?
  161. Back site cant fix
  162. Siaga AK47 -- better trigger ?
  163. Anyone recommend a gunsmith in Marietta GA who has corrected a front sight cant?
  164. GP-1975 Doubling ??
  165. Replacing Gas Block with out uninstalling the barrel?
  166. Looking for a gunsmith.
  167. Questions converting about converting an AK of one caliber to another:
  168. Relocation of Rear Trunnion on AMD-65
  169. Savage 111 FCXP3 bolt problem
  170. Have a question on parkerizing and how much material is removed from the item
  171. Ithaca 37 Action Locks up after firing 1st shot
  172. Tools For AK Building
  173. BHP magazine disconnect removal
  174. Kalashnikov On How To Best Grip The Kalashnikov
  175. Tortort Manufacturing
  176. Had a mishap with my 38
  177. How long does a .300 RUM barrel have to be in order to achieve .308 Winchester muzzle velocities?
  178. How to Shoot an AK-47
  179. 50 Browning Trunnions; Looking for experienced shop for finish machining
  180. 1911 CM and SS slide forgings; Looking for experienced shop for finish machining
  182. How to field strip and clean an AK series rifle