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07-03-2011, 08:35 AM
hey recon, gunsmoke, and immanaknut.
been a while.
im back for good this time,
im on the list to get a vepr 7.62x54r.
im really excited!
so far only 100 came in to the country and all got sold, to individual and some to distributors
ive been doing parttime rep work for rare llc tony davinchi place.
i dont think i spelled tony's last name right.
i will say he is a good man, and great to deal with and he keeps his word.
ive always had to be part of any vepr activity outhere because the vepr is my favorite gun.
it was great when i got to do part time rep work with robinson and be a part of the veprs.
my friend who was in the sand box in afgan country go to shoot and play with a vepr 12 he said it was awesome.
he is a fellow vepr lover and is getting a 54r vepr too.
there isnt much technical data about the 54r other than the molot site and rare llc's site.
so im looking forward to getting the 54r in my hand.
i saved the stock adaptor that we did, its the one off of the vepr we posted on here several years ago.
im gonna put a magpul prs stock, a ultimak rail, a custom brake-flashider that my good buddy levi leetz has been making for me.
do you guys know if the 54r can handle the heavier grain bullets passed the 150grn mark?
i know the psl and the draganovs aren't supposed to.
but i wonder with the 1.6mm rpk receiver and heavy barrel if it can.
i just dont want to be the one that finds it out the hard way.
i picked up an unconverted vepr 7.62x39mm gun.
man guys its beautiful, its nice!! real nice!!
man this batch from russia is nicer than the original robinsons.
its like i want to leave it alone.
im not a thumbhole guy at all, but the wood is so beautiful on this batch.
my robinson vepr had a slight cant in the front sight.
which as we know is no big deal and does not affect accuracy.
but i looked at my new one and it is perfectly straight.
i may leave that one alone. i struggle with it.
leave the vepr in her chruch dress with flowers or dress her up as a leather clad dominatrix and give her a whip! hmmmmmmmmm!
thats humor buy the way guys, you know humor once and a while we have to laugh a little.
ill upload some picks in the next two weeks of my 54r when i get her in.
its good to be home,
regards to all you veprheads,
the veprking:

07-03-2011, 11:04 AM
Welcome back!!!

There is almost no information available that I have found on the new VEPR 7.62x54R, although I haven't looked too hard.

Good luck when you get yours. As for the heavy ammo, you might try a round or two to see how it performs. Haven't checked other sites yet to find out if there are any range reports, so when you get your's it is going to be interesting to hear your story.

07-12-2011, 09:54 PM
i now have the vepr in 54r!
its beautiful!
there some interesting differences on the gun compared to the other veprs.
first is the rear sight compared to the other veprs. it doesnt have a windage knob.
the bolt carrier is different in appearance a little bit. it has s thin piece of sheetmetal on the recoil spring like the saiga 12 does.
the weight is real nice.
8 of us bought them.
right now as it stands this is the only shipment to come in.
the shipment only had 100 rifles. thats it!
they are tryting to get more in.
some of them went to centerfire systems.
ill try to upload detailed pictures over the next couple of days.
im falling a sleep ,so im gonna crash.
but man its a beautiful gun.
i like the mags.
the mags are single stack and real thin in profile
the mag well is single stack not double stack.
so you will have have to some gunsmithing to the mag well to make it accomadate a,
double stack mag, but it looks very do able.
good night,
if you are in a thinking about getting one while you can, i say go for it.
the veprking

07-12-2011, 11:11 PM
Congrats on getting what I hope doesn't turn out to be a very rare rifle!!!

07-13-2011, 06:58 AM
im with you immanaknut.
my heart is that everybody that ever wants one gets one.
as we know no disrepect to the ar-15, cause i got an lmt 308 thats to die for.
the ar-15's no matter what the future holds for gun rights,
they never go up in value
quite like a rare ak style gun.
look at the valmets,galils,polytechs,and veprs for example.
having worked in the gun business for 14years.
been around this stuff most of my life.
ak-type rifles always become way more valuable.
ill use the story of the russian tigers that came in for a limited time in the mid 90's.
recently, i met a guy who used to be in the romanian military and carried a psl.
he just bought a russian tiger off gunbroker and it wasnt a 90's era price.
it was a lot more.
i hope all the import permits get approved, to get more these in here so all you guys get a chance to own one
plus i read a posting on another forum.
the guy at csspec said he would make a high cap mag if more come in.
man a 20rd mag in 7.62x54r for the vepr would be awesome.
the potential man. ohh ohh the potential.
you got a rifle thats gonna be accurate, in theory, of course i got to shoot her to test her.
then you get capacity if everything pans out, and cheap ammo thats just under the or very close to power of a 30-06.
all i can say is wow!
it would be like having a semiauto bar and and dmr all in one.
its gonna be a few months before i can customize mine, but im debating what direction to go in cosmetically.
leave her alone with the wood,
or go uber tactical.
i could use my last adaptor and put on a magpul prs stock.
i could get an ultimak rail system to put on the hanguard, get a bi-pod, and a rear monopod.
thread the barrel for flashider or muzzle break.
if i go american on the optic ,i really like that trijicon accupoint with the chevron reticle.
or i could go with a traditional draganov-psl comm-block type optic.
the other debate is to either put on the iszmash russian synthetic draganov thumbhole stock,
or modify a choate thumbhole instead of the magpul.
hmmmmmm decisions.
either way heres the humor in all this.
ive never been much of a deer hunter, but im gonna try it this year, and im gonna use that gun. i was always more of a tactical kinda guy.
i got hold of some good back strap and got hooked and my 54r is the rifle i choose.
but if only a hundred ever make it the value one the gun will be ummm,
who knows one day it will be a whole lot more than what it is now.
but i hope they flood the market for everyone.

the veprking

07-13-2011, 07:34 PM
here you go veprheads

07-13-2011, 08:05 PM
me and my freind spent an hour trying to upload these pics.
ok so im not exactly computer savy, but i tried.
we took ten pics and these were the only ones that would load.
i had a nice upclose shot of the bolt and a few other ones.
we had to lower the resolution on these just to get them up
i will keep trying,

07-16-2011, 09:42 PM
atlantic firearms has a brief you-tube video on the vepr 54r.
they compare it against a romanian psl.
the show a good close up of the vepr barrel with the handguard off.
man i cant wait to shoot mine.

Richard Simmons
08-30-2011, 01:48 PM
Just saw that Centerfire Systems has them for $1,145.00. Little too steep for me.

08-30-2011, 05:31 PM
It is amazing how steep the price of AKs and variants have gotten. Who would have dreamed that the WASR-10 would be selling for $450 and people wouldn't blink.

08-30-2011, 05:55 PM
It is amazing how steep the price of AKs and variants have gotten. Who would have dreamed that the WASR-10 would be selling for $450 and people wouldn't blink.

How far off is that price than if it had only gone up to match inflation?

08-30-2011, 06:10 PM
It all depends on how you measure inflation. Our dear trustworthy government has not passed out cost of living increases to Social Security recipients for the last several years because there is not enough "inflation" to trigger the increase. Using that twisted logic, the economy has been flat for the last several years so the increases in firearm prices aren't due to inflation.

Now the value of the American Dollar versus others might have more to do with it.
still, it wasn't too long ago that I could have picked up a .308 VEPR for a few cents over $500.

But that too was before obama-messiah and the great firearm ban scare.