View Full Version : Reloading Question about .44 mag - Crimping

01-08-2012, 10:32 PM
I just started reloading .44 mag and am a little unclear on the roll crimp. I am using Hornady 240 gr XTP hollowpoints.

I have the seating die set so that the bullet seats to the COL listed for the bullet in the manual. This puts the case mouth approximately in the middle of the cannelure. the COL moves around a bit, I think its because of inconsistancies in the bullets.

I am using RCBS dies and have the seating die set for the roll crimp. Its maybe about half to three quarters of a turn after initial contact. I can see on the brass where there is a slight angle at the mouth or a shadow in the reflection due to the roll crimp.

I am not sure this is enough. Short of shooting some and seeing if the bullets jump can someone provide a little more guidance on what an appropriate roll crimp looks like. I did a quick google search and would trust our members here over what I found.