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03-03-2012, 07:29 PM
Took out the CAI yugo underfolder the other day....noticed that after going through an assortment of mags:

Steel was hit or miss. 2 30 round steels fit, one didnt.
1 20 mag steel: no fit.
1 10 mag steel: no fit.
Century arms Romanian 75 round drum...no fit.

5 plastic tapco mags from 20 rd to 30 rd: No problems.

Are the Yugos inherently finicky about magazine fitment? when I say didn't fit, I mean as you rock it back it will not go far enough back to "click" and lock into place.

Giving Yugo hold-open mags some though....I'm presuming no issues with running a Yugo mag on this yugo underfolder...but I don't want to assume.

Kinda bummed many of these don't fit. The ones that don't fit mine seem to fit my buddy's mini draco from century arms no problem.

Another slight annoyance....first outting had a lot of problems geting more than 1 or 2 rounds to cycle before needing to rack it manually to feed it into the chamber.

Ammo I used was tulammo from walmart. Lubing it up seemed to show that when you pull it back to rack a round or clear a chamber....when you pull all the way back sometimes it snags 1 inch springing back. Ironically rotating the gun 90 degress to the left seemed to have less issues upon firing (test firing different ways to see if the problem could be duplicated or isolated). Ran winchester white box fmj brass (expensive) and it seemed a little better....maybe lubing it had helped as things worked their way through the gun?

I'm no AK expert....do I need to break this thing down and start massaging parts, something i have no real experience in doing...?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! I want to hit the range tomorrow not if I have to keep reracking it ever few times....

03-03-2012, 07:54 PM
Welcome to the group!

Your Yugo should be able to use any AK mag.The beauty of the AK/AKM is that all 7.62x39 mags from any country should be interchangeable. I do not believe that the Yugo was imported with a single stack mag well, but make sure there are no burrs on the mag well opening.

As to the feeding issues, it is possible the rifle just needs to be broken in. Many times as the bolt carrier rides over the hammer, there is enough contact pressure to slow it down so that it fails to pick up a round.

As for lubing it, I run a teflon grease on the rails, and spray the fire control group with Break-free CLP which also has teflon as part of it.

Check the mag opening carefully to make sure there are no burrs on it. It is possible some mags are wider than others because many of the countries making them really weren't too careful about maintaining close fitting tolerances.

And yes, it is also possible that the mags might need a little TCL with sand paper or a file to make them fit.

I had several mags that once locked in, were so tight I needed pliers on the release to get them out. A little "love" with a file fixed it.

Hope this helps.

03-04-2012, 12:49 AM
the "snagging" is the carrier hitting the hammer, as ak nut said. i run mine 99% lube free, but on the rare occasions when i clean them, il put a small spot of tetra grease on the hammer face where the carrier rides on it, and another small spec in the upper rail sots on each side of the carrier.

WHERE are the mags hitting?? ak nut mentioned hitting on teh sides/wide mags. this is a possibility. check to see if they are hitting the side stabilizing rails in teh receiver. youll have to field strip it to do this. look at your lower rails, they will curve around and have smaller protrusions on the bottom. these are what you should be looking at.

now let me make an aside here, conventional wisdom is to work on the cheapest part, but in certain circumstances i dont agree with that, this being one. dremmel out the mag well so that every mag will fit, rather than having to dremmel EVERY fucking mag, thats just a pita.

back to the problem, i dont think its a with issue. i think its a length issue. im gonna try to upload a pic. im betting that htey are not locking in because teh red area is hitting the selector stop that is sandwiched between the mag catch and the receiver. teh blue ledge (yeah i know im typing like shit, but im not going to bother to correct it, you can tell what i mean, its 2am) should be TIGHT up against that that plate. the catch should fit on the green ramp, with the angle allowing teh catch to hold it tight through a range of wear.

chech out the mags that do fit, but arent feeding right, im guessing they are also too lang, and that the blue area is not seating tight up against the selector stop plate. if im right, and it dosent, that means its sitting lower in the back, allowing the bolt to ride over instead of stripping a round, which is prob why you have to manually cycle the bolt again to give it another chance to pick up the round.

again, if im correct and this is a mag length issue, teh red area will be hitting, that is wh the mag is not able to go all teh way in, if so, again, id dremmel a little bit (it shouldnt take much) to allow teh baiggest mag to fit. teh ramp in the green area should be able to take up the play and still hold the smaller ones tight. .

if this really bothers you, you COULD grind down every mag til it fits, but then in a situation where you might have to share mags, dont count on anyone elses fitting either.

eta, ak nut is right, i should have used the word "file" instead of dremmel for the stop plate, it easier to take a little at a tiime,and harder to end up screwing something up. as for the mag stabelizers on the side, if that is the issue, idk if your going to be able to reach tehm with a file, and very slow carefiul dremmeling is prob still your best bet. and one more time, its 2am, too dark to see the keyboard, and im tired. so deal with the spelling ;)

03-04-2012, 12:51 AM
and to top it off, i forgot teh pic.

03-04-2012, 10:46 PM
Your Century Yugo has an NDS receiver. Mags should fit, but I have found that there may be some mags that have fit/function problems based on other receiver types they make. Like 'Nut said, it may require a little hand fitting in the mag well to get them to go in right.

03-05-2012, 08:04 PM
I figured a picture is worth a thousand words....here are mags that DID work:

tapco 30 rounder, no problem. Multiple tapco 30s as a matter of fact were fine:


Tapco 20 rounder, no problem:


Steel 30 rounder, no problem:


same mag, 2nd pic:


same mag, 3rd pic:


2nd steel mag, good....2 pics:



NOW the mags that DO NOT FIT:

10 round steel, stamped "CHINA" on the bottom:




20 round steel:



and lastly, unfortunately the 75 round romanian drum doesn't fit either:



If there's something that obviously jumps out at any of you experts chime in, I'm all ears.

thanks....just want to get back to shooting.


03-05-2012, 08:29 PM
Where are they hitting? Unfortunately even with those nice pictures, it is hard to see if anything is bowed out, or not cut right, or...

What I would do, is measure the width of the mags using a caliper or micrometer, and compare the measurements between the mags that lock in, and the ones that don't.

Also measure the size of the rear tang to make sure it isn't affecting lock in. As I said earlier, I have had a couple of mags where the tang was too thick and would not lock under the release lever.

I wish you were closer so that I could get a true feel for what your problem is. It is very rare to hear of an AK mag not locking into place with the exception of the rear tang issues. That was the beauty of the AK platform, all 7.62x39 mags from any country are supposed to work in a rifle from any country.

Wish the 5.56x45 were like that, but that is a different story.

03-05-2012, 08:33 PM
Think I'm figuring it out....

Tapco profile where it "rocks in" and clicks in....notice how the ramping is smoother:


Looking at the chinese 10 rounder....notice it has an angle to it, that seems to be where it hangs up:


Pics of the receiver of my AK Yugo M70:




Should this part here,


the inner portion, be slightly milled out just a teeny bit, filed a little bit, to have the other mags fit in? Makes more sense than milling EVERY MAG I run into that won't fit.

For SHTF situations, I don't wanna end up where I pick up mags that DON'T FIT!

Thanks again fellas


03-05-2012, 11:10 PM
Nope. I took some pics of some different mag wells, including the one of my homebuilt Yugo with a receiver from the same source as yours.

I was going to post some pics about the mag well on mine vs yours, but the trigger guard/spacer plate on your Yugo isn't that same as what's on mine. Yours is European, not Yugoslavian. No big deal, just a different design that gets the same job done.


Here's a group shot featuring the mag wells of a CAI Draco SBR and two Krinks side by sided. These have the same style trigger guard as your rifle.


You'll notice that those 3 have the same little tab you have. That tab should sit flush with the back edge of the mag well in the receiver.

I also noticed something in your mag well, which I circled.


Not sure if that could be the source of your problem, but it's worth a look.