View Full Version : After combat, many vets continue to battle unseen wounds

03-12-2012, 08:30 PM

Hutch was in my platoon for a few years. He came to me after we returned from the whole Katrina search and rescue we did in the N/O Ninth Ward in September of 2005. He was a good NCO but he was a mess.

Hutch told me about this event...

He was the gunner for his PSG. When the SSG in the other gun truck had his elbow blown out by 7.62x39. Hutch laid down a lethal supressive fire with his M240, shooting down a street that had erupted in hostile fire while his buddies performed CASEVAC. An RPG skipped across the hood of his gun truck and another past his head. Bullets continued to wiz by him and his fellow soldiers. He remembers killing 3. The gunner on the wingmans gun truck swears he saw Hutch kill as many as 100. McCrow remembers about 20 bodies in the street before he had to look away to continue performing first aid. Hutch has pretty much blocked out what happened that day and tries to keep his life simple and without stressors.

He made the trip out to see me recieve my MSM after I retired and I'm supposed to go deer hunting with him this year out in his neck of the woods this year. I wish I could make things better for him, but even with all the support, it's his battle and he's got to fight it. I wish him luck.

The SSG who was wounded went home. I was told when he was brought inside to med station that he anounced "Give me morphine, my war is over!"

03-13-2012, 06:14 PM
I guess words from an old Norwegian tank gunner doesent really count. But to me, men like him is what I will remember and talk about when I get old. A school example of discipline when it counts. I hope he realize that he did exactly what he was meant to do. Its men like that you want to keep. Good luck when the season comes....

03-13-2012, 07:13 PM
Thanks Hedning. Your words count brother, trust me.