View Full Version : 1909 Argentine: Max Pressure?

02-07-2013, 04:33 PM
I realize this is more of a gunsmithing topic, but I figured I'd give things a try here first. I have four Mauser 1909 Argentine actions, built by DWM, in excellent condition -- matching bolts, no rust, corrosion, or pitting. I plan to build custom bolt guns with them, but I would like to have some idea of the sorts of maximum pressures that folks have subjected them to. I know that the 1909 Argentine action has been a favorite of custom gunsmiths for decades, none the less, I haven't been able to find any information specific to the maximum pressure it should be subjected to.

The 1909 Argentine rifle was originally chambered for the 7.65x53 Argentine, which is listed as having a maximum pressure of 56,565 psi. Many 1909 Argentines were rechambered for .30-06, and have been none the worse for wear after shooting that round for decades now. And the 30-06 has a maximum pressure of 60,200 psi. So it would appear, based on real-world, empirical data, that the 1909 Argy can handle 60,000 psi without difficulties. But how much beyond that is safe, I wonder?

Accurate powders offers their Load Data manual as a downloadable .pdf file, which I've d/l'd. One thing I like about the layout of their load data is every single load they recommend shows its associated chamber pressure. I've noticed, just from browsing their listings, that if I use 60,000 psi as a safe ceiling, I actually have a choice of most of the calibers listed. It's just several of the modern magnums and a few specialized loads for more common calibers that seem to exceed the 60,000 level, and then not by all that much. The most powerful load I came across was less than 65,000 psi. And something tells me that the old 1909 Argy will handle 65k as easiliy as it will handle 60k. But should I push it? I'm sure others have, and I'd just as soon learn from their results and mistakes. Any takers?