View Full Version : RPK Issue Is This RUst On My GUN???

02-21-2013, 10:00 PM
I really would like to know if this is rust on my RPK or not. You dont hardly see it in normal light but when you put a light to the gun this is what you see rusty looking spots if this is rust what is recommended to clean this off with out messing th finish? I have some eezox I just got in , clp, rem oil.......Thanks for all the help click the link below for pictures


02-21-2013, 10:31 PM
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If you are talking about the discoloration around the mag well, it looks more like a stain in the metal rather than rust. Try wiping it down with CLP and see what happens. It could very well be rust under a thin area of the finish. Looking your other pictures, it does look like a thin finish that allowed the metal underneath to rust. Right now it looks like surface rust. Give the area a good wipe down and see if it cleans up. If you just purchased the rifle you might contact the seller if a store or online outlet, or the manufacturer directly to see if they can do something to remedy the issue.

02-21-2013, 10:44 PM
I pirchased it second hand from a local face to face. I cleaned it with CLP and even put some wd 40 on it but nothing......

02-21-2013, 11:56 PM
You did exactly what I would have done. My guess is that the finish is discolored and not rust, but would really have to see it in person to verify.

The next thing I would try is some very fine steel wool, the kind used for finishing and not the heavy stuff for heavy rust removal. I would rub it with steel wool moistened with CLP or WD-40 and see if the discoloring comes off. If it still doesn't I would return to my original guess of it just being discolored and say to keep it lightly oiled and don't worry about it.

Yes it is annoying to see that nice rifle discolored, and if it really bothers you there is no reason you couldn't have it refinished but it will not be cheap.

Getting it face to face would go a long way to making me either overlook a discoloration as these days having no paper trail is a good thing, but again, if it really bothers you, it can be refinished.

Looking at your photos, is it painted gray or is it parked? If painted gray I would just lightly sand down the rust looking areas, degrease the rifle and using a high temp paint, just repaint it yourself.

02-22-2013, 09:58 AM
The guy said it was parkerized it looks to be parkerized cause its not thick feeling like paint. I found this guy online that does refinishing with gun coat for around $200 so I am posting the website just incase someone else may want to do it. Tell me what you think of this guy http://www.shootiniron.com

02-26-2013, 10:35 PM
Imanaknut. ....thanks for all the help I did the steel wool and it worked except where the magwell is its wierd but I hope the rust isnt internal where I cant see it and starts eating thru.......but after the wool I cleaned with eezox and that stuff is awesome.....thanks for all the help

02-26-2013, 11:36 PM
Glad to hear you got it cleaned up. I have a couple of AK variants that when you look inside at the riveted in pieces can see orange around the edges. All I can do is spray them with oil to keep the rust from spreading, because since bluing is a type of rusting, it would destroy the finish if I sprayed or dropped rust remover on the inside. Can't win for losing, but I have enough oil and preservative to keep the rifles around for a long time.