View Full Version : Will SMLE Front Sight Base fit on an Ishapore 2A?

03-15-2013, 10:00 AM
I finally had a chance to get my Ishapore 2A out to the range and at last all the minor issues are fixed, notably the darn magazine which kept popping out. After much hand fitting and filing, it cycles like a champ now.

Unfortunately, the front sight is just a bit off...at 50 yards it shoots a good 1-2 inches to the right of the target center. I cannot drift the blade much more left and the front sight base as it stands was monkeyed with and peened in the arsenal. My thought is to replace the front sight base but keep the same height of blade.

The question is: can I use an SMLE front sight base, or should I opt for an Ishapore 2A front sight base? I am under the impression these components are fully interchangable, but this comes down to a question of "buy from Springfield Sporters (SMLE) or Numrich (Ishapore parts).? Thoughts?

Richard Simmons
03-15-2013, 11:05 AM
Numrich is using the same part number for the front sight base for both the No1 MKIII* and the Ishapore so they must be interchangeable. I've never dealt with either company so can't way whether one is better than the other.