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09-19-2010, 09:59 AM

S-5.56 5.56 mm assault rifle (Iran), Rifles

In March 2001, the Defence Industries Organization (DIO) of Iran announced that it was offering the S-5.56 automatic rifle. Although it has been claimed that the weapon is a local development, this rifle appears to be a direct copy of the Chinese Type CQ rifle, which in turn is a Chinese clone of the US M16. The Iranian S-5.56 is reported to be in production and is offered for export sales.

It is assumed that the S-5.56 is identical in operation to the M16. As with the Type CQ, the only visual change from the original M16 is in the revised pistol-grip outline and a cosmetic change to the profile of the fore-end. However, the S-5.56 is available in two versions (see below).The rearsight consists of a flip-over twin-leaf arrangement. With the 'close' half of the rear aperture sight raised, the sight is suitable for targets at ranges up to 300 m. Flipping over to the 'far' sight allows targets to be engaged at ranges from 300 to 500 m.Available accessories include a bayonet and an optical sight to be mounted over the sight bracket/carrying handle.