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12-16-2013, 11:05 AM
hi guys i purchased a used I.O ak 47 sporter(econ). based off of polish blue print. i was ripped off from a price gouging asshole gunshot. i paid way too much. im embarrassed to even tell you how much, its that high. but my question is, should i also buy another ak? i am prepping atm. i purchased this 1 when Obama was trying to ban them and you couldn't find anything at all. it came with a slide fire bump fire stock on it, but i took it off because it would not function well unless you had alot of practice. it also snapped my firing pin. i replaced the firing pin. i called i.o. and they told me that this gun cant handle full auto or bump-fire. they said my rivets will get destroyed and the barrel is not chrome lined. that for me is a red flag for a piece of shit. am i correct? i put on a reg tapco ar style stock, and have the slid fire stock laying around if any 1 is interested. but with all that i going on i want to be prepared, and want to make sure i have a good ak when shtf, but im poor as shit atm.

also didnt even come with a scope mount.

12-16-2013, 01:47 PM
That is funny that IO said it would shake itself apart in full auto (real of bumped) fire. AKs were designed from the start as select fire full auto weapons, so if the manufacturer is recommending against it, that would be a red flag to me that they didn't build it to the same standards as Achmed the Camel Jockey at the corner of Sand and More Sand.

As to not having a chrome lined barrel, that initially was done because the ammo that the Soviet military used was highly corrosive at the time Mr. K. designed the rifle. Chrome lining allowed the shooter to go longer before having to clean the weapon. Also chrome lined barrels are easier to clean and last longer than non-chrome lined barrels, but in fact not all true factory production AK/AKMs and their variants came with chrome lined barrels, although most did.

As to the scope mount, that was an afterthought by manufacturers other than the Soviets and even the Chinese. Primarily a Romanian thing, although there are others that installed a side mount for a scope.

As for the quality of your rifle. unless IO is telling you that they used junk rivets, with care your rifle should last a long long time.

12-16-2013, 08:13 PM
I.O. usually makes an OK product. On Chrome lining Yugoslav Ak and SKS rifles didn't have chrome lined bores despite making corrosive primed ammo. Never could figure that one out. All the Russian new made import ammo is noncorrosive, so the chrome lining isn't that big of a deal IMO. Save up for a Saiga variant, the as imported and the reworked ones are totally quality and they will be chrome lined and they come with the scope mount bracket. Shop Classic Arms, I'm sure they do the big Fair Grounds gun shows. Should be one in December and again in January. I lived in Raleigh area from 97 to 2005 and if you can't find it at that show, you can't find it.

12-16-2013, 09:10 PM
thanks guys, was a little freaked out that i.o told me im lucky that my barrell didn't explode, lol