View Full Version : PAP M85 ... am I crazy?

06-05-2014, 10:03 PM
I got a PAP M-85 last week on GunBroker and am going to SBR it ... I'm thinking while I wait on my stamp I'll add a US made fake can to the barrel to bring the barrel up to 16.25" and blind pin it on, a Manticore triangle stock with Stormwerks hinge, Tapco G2 FCG, & Magpul pistol grip (with storage to keep a copy of my stamp) ... that gives me the 6 parts I need for 922r compliance, and I can enjoy it while I wait. I want mine to fold to the right so I'll have a flat side for when I sling it, it will look kind of like this only with this fake can ... so have I just gone nuts, or is it a good plan seeing how long stamps are taking?