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06-04-2015, 11:00 PM
with getting a c&r license? I was just musing about it since the talk of them
maybe getting the old m-1's and garands. Lord knows I have plenty of time,
anyway just wondering. I know a few of you have or have had them in the past.
Who know maybe we can reopen this dead subforum. :knuddel:

06-05-2015, 05:25 AM
Fill out their application. Pay the fee, then wait for approval. Record keeping after you get it. You have to have what is called a bound book that you record, make, model, caliber and serial number in it. Brownell's sells them. http://www.jgsales.com/how-to-getc-r-license-a-50.html Here is a link to J&G's page on how to get a C&R license. It has 4 active links in it that will take you to BATFE's pages.

Helen Keller
06-05-2015, 06:39 AM
you order the C&R application from them, with all the paperwork reduction crap and the ability to pay by CC it takes only minutes now .

ordered my applications and they showed up 2 days later. just a waiting game now.

that JG link is kinda old cause the compliance/cert thing is on the same form now.

06-06-2015, 11:26 PM
The Bound book. If you go out of business or just quit the bound book goes to the atf?
Nevermind I heard it wrong somewhere. Faq is your friend.