View Full Version : Does anyone have any really great Left and Right Clear Photos of a Correct FN-FAL Model 50.64?

Hobe Sound AK
09-07-2015, 09:29 AM
I am referring to the Big 21 Inch Barrel, with the Large Flash Hider with Slots in it, the Correct Receiver for a Model 50.54 Side Folder Paratrooper Rifle. DSA can build one for me. but I don't what one of their fancy tricked out bells and whistles Rifles. Nor do I care for the Short Barreled Model 50.63. Just the correct Military Version I would guess Pre 1980's with the Handle on Top, the Black Plastic Handguards and Pistolgrip. No Scope Rails, no crap! There are 3 types of Receivers for the FAL. I don't even know which is mine? The Pre-Ban I used to see ad's for in the NRA Magazine, are all over 5,000.00 now, if you can find one. I hate that short barreled FAL. Anyone got those nice FAL Books, or if you own a Pre 1990 FAL I used to see in the Shotgun News, please post some nice Photos. I need to be able to copy them. Thanks Paul