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10-29-2015, 08:43 AM
I know I haven't posted anything in a while. I never left, just been lurking in the shadows. I am coming to you guys for help now and would really appreciate some info. I purchased 2 Russian Baikals last week for about $480. They came with 2 holsters and 3 mags. One of them is a little rough and I have plans to strip it down one of these days to get it refinished. The other one looks great but it has one problem. The little stud on the safety busted off after I put it back together. I have been looking around online for a replacement and the prices range from $19 to $34. My question: Will a East German or a Bulgarian safety work in a Russian Makarov? I know that they are all pretty much the same pistol with minor variations, but I don't want to drop money on this part if it doesn't work.
I am going to post some pictures later when I can find my camera. I have been looking at getting some Maks for a while as ccw for me and the wife. I just happened to come across this guy selling 2 w/mags, holsters, and 100 rounds of ammo. His asking price was $600, we agreed on $500. I think I got a good deal. What do you guys think? He didn't know that half of the ammo was 9mm Para so I sold that to a friend for $20. I was even more excited when I realized that they had consecutive serial numbers from the importer. This may not be a rare occurrence, but I still think its pretty cool. The guy said his dad bought them new in '95 and they sat in a closet ever since, never fired. Unfortunately one of them was kept in the leather holster and there is some rust on the slide, but all the internals are good. I am in the process of removing as much rust as possible.
Again, I come to you guys for help. Anything you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks.

Deep Sea

10-29-2015, 11:08 AM
Not sure about the technical question but the price for 2 pistols, 2 holsters, 3 mags and 100 rounds of ammo sounds pretty good.

11-04-2015, 08:18 AM
Ordered the safety and should be here in a couple of days. Once I get it installed its gonna be time for a range test. I will fill you guys in on the details later.

Ito: I am pretty happy with what I paid for them. They are both in pretty good shape and being Russian made you know they can take a beating.