View Full Version : What happened to all the Cheap Surplus?

02-25-2022, 03:42 PM
I know that ever since we did nation building with the "War On Terror" that the USA would rather GIVE all of our obsolete uniforms and gear to FOREIGN NATIONS rather than DMRO it to the general public any more. That sucks. I miss the days where we could get cheap helmets, flak vests, uniforms, boots, etc. Also radios, ammo pouches, etc.

All of the 'uniforms' at my local surplus stores are NEW MADE Chinese knockoffs or NEW MADE Propper or Rothco clothing. Sure, there are always a few items like Austrian M65 jackets or Greek sweaters, etc. But the glory days of cool items (including demilled weapon systems) is long over. :(

02-25-2022, 04:57 PM
Recent people in charge of this country have decided that we the people should not own military stuff. They like having sheep unarmed, and without anything that we used to be able to get in any surplus store. Too many sheeple in too many high places.