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02-20-2011, 05:16 PM
Atlantic Firearms is getting ready to sell these.

From the other board.
Atlantic Firearms

Yes we will be offering them in 3 configurations
#1 Basic configuration as comes from Mother Russia $840.00 list price , we will be offering a discount to Verfied AK Fourm members please email for details & mention your user name.
#2 The basic rifle with Russian wood stock set but able to take hi cap US mags.
#3 The Vepr rifle with Ace Side folder stock,AK pistol grip , front poly tri rail hand guard and able to take imported hi cap mags.

We do have the basic Vepr 762 x 39 in stock now & I have never been a fan of the thumbhole stock but these wood stock sets fit like a glove and are very well balanced rifles.
We do not have a final prices on # 2 & 3 at this time but hope to see some of them in approx 2-3 weeks the Veprs are not a inexpensive AK platform & are probably for the advanced AK collector or the AK shooter that is looking for a over built & accurate AK.

Vepr in 5.45x39 & 762 x 54 R will be here in approx 3 -4 months

03-05-2011, 04:40 PM

Veprs shoot surprisingly well.

Mine was the most inaccurate Vepr ever made until I loosened the over torqued fore end screw. :D