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03-29-2011, 07:10 AM
Rich hunters, poor town clash over power plant
EmailPrint.. AP In this photo taken Feb. 14, 2011, a duck causes ripples on the surface of Grassy Lake as it gains altitude .By JEANNIE NUSS, Associated Press Jeannie Nuss, Associated Press 40 mins ago
FULTON, Ark. The barbed-wire fence surrounding the Hempstead County Hunting Club divides more than property lines. It separates rich from poor.

On one side: wealthy duck hunters who have preserved a private forested paradise largely untouched by chain saws. On the other: the people of this struggling Arkansas town where jobs are scarce and families live in run-down trailers.

http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_hunters__paradise;_ylt=AmRqSn43f1KpNJcOgEJrQ0RY 24cA;_ylu=X3oDMTM4ZzZjZ2JxBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTEwMzI5 L3VzX2h1bnRlcnNfX3BhcmFkaXNlBGNjb2RlA2dtcHJhbmRvbX IEY3BvcwM2BHBvcwM2BHNlYwN5bl90b3Bfc3RvcmllcwRzbGsD cmljaGh1bnRlcnNw

Interesting story and delema these people are facing. It is also one of the best news stories I have read in a long time. Both sides of the argument without leaning towards one side or the other. I think the reason is that the argument between getting more jobs for unemployed people, or protecting the enviorment, has no easy answers, especially for a liberal (actually for a conservative either).

The one interesting thing I noticed was the description of the people in the hunting club as wealthy. There are some doctors and lawyers in the mix, but also teachers and more middle income people who were apparently smart with their money. So in this case, wealthy appears to be having something that someone else wants.

03-29-2011, 07:29 PM
Since no one's property rights are being violated, the hunter's lawsuit has zero merit, and needs to get tossed out fast (I'm assuming they're suing to stop it based on the article).

While its true some pollution will settle on their property, its the price we all pay for living in an industrialized society. If they could stop the power plant from being built because of that, someone else could stop them from driving their car for the same reason.