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  1. The deal Sam had was for damaged/bent tins. Sam has the same tins for $125.95 for 1 tin or $124.95 each if you buy 2 or more. Even that's the best price going. He has a very slim margin on these as it is so that's why there was only a $4 discount in the bent tins.
  2. The coupon codes for SGAmmo on Gun-Deals is new, that's why you haven't seen it. I just made it yesterday as a matter of fact and it's the first time I ever tried to make a spreadsheet like this. We've had one for AIM for a while. Sam, SGAmmo, decided to try the coupon discount thing out and see how it goes. So far it's been a mixed reaction. The $5 amount is what I've been getting comments about but heck, Sam already has such low margins/prices he can't afford to give much more. For the most part people like it. I'm working on sprucing up the AIM sheet atm with clickable links like the SGAmmo one.
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