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Thread: How to Own a Gun in Calif

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    How to Own a Gun in Calif

    Abandon all hope, ye who enter here, CA is known for 3 good things and they are the weather, the weather and the weather. Gun laws are Hitlerian fascist so DO buy them now. At worst, you can ship them to someone out of state until you can GTFO.

    So, all of you people NOT living in PRK may be amused. Here is what we have:
    1. Evil features limited,'
    2. Bullet buttins
    3. No mags more then 10 rounds.

    Here's what "bullet button" means:

    See that thing in front of the trigger? you have to shove something in there to release the mag (only 10 remember.)

    This state is fabulous. Can.t wait to GTFO. I like the weather and thats all. CA sucks, big time.

    THE POINT OF ALL OF THIS: DO NOT LET THE PEOPLE RUNNING YOUR STATE TO EMULATE THE PRK!!! i bought my weapons and i bought them NOW - BECAUSE - they may not be available tomorrow!

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    I bought a book years ago. ISBN 0-9642864-3-2
    How to own a gun and stay out of jail.
    California 2006
    While no one ever listens to me,
    I am constantly being told to be quiet.

    In a world of snowflakes,
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    I installed those things on two of my 74's and my Romanian (not wasr 10"lol) 47. yeah CA does suck but its home and i cant ever leave!

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