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Thread: House hearing on ATF operation "Fast and Furious"

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    Post House hearing on ATF operation "Fast and Furious"

    Watching the live feed on Fox News and the ATF agents are all saying that even though they raised their concerns about all the know "straw purchases" they are testifying that the mandate was to let everything go and stop nothing from going to anyone. They were told point blank NOT to do anything to stop the flow of firearms even after they were turning up at crime scenes here and in Mexico.

    One Special Agent even testified that he asked two of his supervisors if they were prepared to attend the funeral of an agent or LEO killed by one of these weapons? They made no reply. He closed his testimony by expressing his regret and condolenses to the family of the slain Border Patrol officer that was killed by one of the weapons his task force was forced to let flow to Mexico.
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    This should get good...


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