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Thread: Restoring an old gunstock - pic heavy

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    once the cosmoline is removed, did u trash it. In this Green Society, can it be used again/recycled for other uses? if so, what other use.
    very nice project u made!

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    Quote Originally Posted by guns-n-tonic View Post
    outstanding job,

    someone gave me a black powder pistol replica recently, about 50 years old, it was left in an attic for about 30 years.. i plan on cleaning it up someday and make
    it look like it should.
    cool! old guns are fun to restore. when you do this make sure you take lots of pics and share them with us. i, for one, would like to see your project.
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    I should do that to my Garand. It's a Century receiver with Danish parts, so there's no collector value that will be put at risk. But the stock beat to hell.
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