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Thread: NHM-91 Muzzel nut

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    Smile NHM-91 Muzzel nut

    My NHM-91 has a flat muzzelnut. The release plunger is pinned in place, I believe. If I knock out the retainning pin can it be replaced by a spring plunger and if so does anyone have a recomendation for a replacement type of nut?

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    On many of the NHMs the cross pin that usually would hold a proper muzzle device retaining pin in place is jammed in over a pin that is almost pressed into the front sight.

    If you are lucky you will be able to drive the front cross pin out, then pull the muzzle device retaining pin out the front. You might have to dremel a slot in the fake muzzle nut to allow the pin to come out. If you are lucky.

    I wasn't so lucky on one of mine, and had to drill into the retaining pin pocket from the back of the sight, then knock the pin out with a punch. Used epoxy to cover the hole, and then installed the correct spring and retainer.

    Check APEX Gun Parts for a US made muzzle nut that looks just like the Chinese. In reality you can use any standard AK muzzle device as the NHM should have standard 14x1mm left hand threads still intact. Remember when you go to remove the current nut, it turns off backwards because it is left hand thread.

    Good luck getting the front pin out, it can be a real bear. By the way, to give mine a more "authentic look" if that is possible, I used a flash hider that resembled the one on an SVD Drag. In reality most RPK, or long barrel AK variants did have muzzle nuts covering the threads.


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