***I am going to try to keep the firearm for sale forum as open as possible, but I ask one rule for sellers be followed just for the convenience of people like me who like to know:

Please list your state of residence, or at least your zip code.

There reason for this is many buyers, like me prefer to make face to face cash purchases or sales. I will go out of my way to purchase a firearm locally unless I really know an out of state seller.

***And one rule for buyers. If you intend to purchase the item for sale, please answer with an "I'll take it" or something like that. It makes it so much easier for the seller and for those of us shopping. "PM sent" means nothing to those of us shopping for stuff.

*** Unfortunately we need to make sure that people that sell on this site are actual members and not using the site as a free classified. It is with regret that we must institute the 50 post rule.
Effective today, in order to post an item for sale on this website, the seller must have 50 useful posts before being able to list something for sale or trade. Be aware that we will be monitoring the posts and they must not be there just to add up to 50. We really want true members of this community to be selling and trading, and not just fly by night persons seeing this site as a classified listing and not a firearm community.

Sellers, please be aware that if you use this site to scam someone, we have in the passed surprised scammers by informing their local constabulary as well as AFT, and believe me having ATF and your locals knocking at your door at odd hours is not something you want to have happen.

Thanks and I hope we can keep this forum as simple and buyer/seller friendly as possible.