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Thread: Does This Poly-Tech Look Correct?

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    Does This Poly-Tech Look Correct?

    I had 2 of the Poly-Tech fixed stock w/the folding bayo.
    Did Poly-Tech make these with the folding stock as shown below?

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    I have a Polytech early ban AKS project half converted to that configuration. All the parts to do the convertion were on the market a few years ago.

    That said, If the lower handguard is bayo relieved (not cut) it is likely a factory rifle. And yes that model was imported.

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    I've been trying to figure out how to cut my lower hand guard to fit the underfolder. That & three trunion rivets are all that is left to do on my convertion.

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    I have seen a couple of those that were conversions where the owner installed the FSB with the underfolding bayo, but the fact that there are lower handguards that are relief cut for the bayo tells me that the intent was to import some. After talking to the Kengs some years ago, I have come to the conclusion that anything was possible from China, but personally I haven't been able to confirm that any Poly Tech side folders were imported with the underfolding bayo, unless Keng did it as a short run, which would have been 200 rifles.

    I take it the rifle in the picture is marked as a Poly Tech AKS-762 with a serial number starting most likely "CS87" or "PS87"??

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    I've seen Polytech red plastic side folders before, what makes you suspicious of this one?


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