Hey, I am a new kid on the block here. I am going to build a couple of AK rifles from Romanian parts kits. I have done this before but it's been several years.
I have a few questions so I'll get right to them...

1) One kit is from an older rifle, dated 1969. The gun is completely mismatched. Can I anticipate head space problems? Hopefully, I can assemble as usual and no problems.
I am not worried about mismatched parts, I just want a reliable and functioning rifle.

2) This older rifle I just spoke of, seems to have a more robust recoil rod. The newer kits I have , the recoil rods look like long u-shaped wires. The older one looks like a rod and tube. I assume this is fine? Would they be interchangeable?

3) I can't remember, but I think the springs from the old rifle can be used with the new trigger group?

For what it's worth, I'll be using Nodak NDS-3 receivers, rivet builds, and something like Duracoat for finish on metal. For parts count, I'll be using US made receiver, gas piston, trigger group, pistol grip. Unless someone gives me better options.

Thanks, Dan (from Lake Oconee, GA)