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Thread: Books for Sale

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    Books for Sale

    1. Military Rifles of Two World Wars - $10 ISBN 1853675369
    The twentieth century was a true testing ground for tactics, conducting warfare, and, inevitably, weaponry. The mainstay of all armies in the two great confrontations of that century was the military rifle. This informative book presents information on more than 60 weapons, including semiautomatics and auto-loaders, including the Mauser, Lee-Enfield, and Tokarev. A detailed description of each rifle and its key features is supported by technical data and specially selected illustrations. Details of relevant ammunition and accessories complete the work. This compact and authoritative guide to military rifles covers rifles from Britain, the USA, Germany, Russia, and elsewhere.

    2. Serbian and Yugoslavian Mausers - $15 ISBN 1882391357
    By Branko Bogdanovic. This book contains an in-depth discussion of the highly-collectible Yugoslavian Mausers, including a production timeline complete with serial numbers. Identifying marks are translated and all changes and developments to the rifle are presented in easy to read charts. 278 pages - Softcover.

    will be adding more once I finish cleaning out our storage.

    all books shipped via USPS at buyers expense.

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    Books for Sale

    Are any of these books yet available? If yes, let me know here at


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