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Thread: New Bill Might Bring Hunting to Airports

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    Post New Bill Might Bring Hunting to Airports

    New Bill Might Bring Hunting to Airports

    Story by: dabneybailey

    A New Yorksenator is pushing for legislation that might bring goose hunting to New York airports.

    Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, a Democrat, is sick of geese bringing down flights, endangering fliers, and forcing emergency landings. Two planes have been forced to make unexpected landings in the past week, and we all remember the incident with US Airways Flight 1549. To put it bluntly, geese are a menace to our airspace.

    To read the rest of the story click the link below.

    S 2377 -

    After today, it's all historical.

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    I'z a gunna takes muh shotgun on down dare by the plane thingy and gits me a goose the size of a 747.

    Yeah, i see someone in the tossed salad administration losing all the benefits of that healthy living beauracratic lifestyle when they have a heart attack because this bill passed.

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    I'm sure the TSA will be happy to see me a a bunch of my buddys heading
    through the terminal with ammo and shotguns. The problem with Canada
    geese is that you have to cook them for three days to make them tender.
    Gilibrand is one of the few pro-gun politicos in NY, takes a pair to go up
    agains't Schumer and Mc carthy.
    Just me and my monkey....


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