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Thread: This is what happenes!

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    This is what happenes!

    Just try and buy a hi cap mag this week and see how many you can find, every gun site on the internet is sold out of thier Hi Cap mags and they are selling the crap out of the military style semi auto rifles.
    just what the left news media didn't want. did you notice how they named the manufacturer of the semi auto pistols and rifle.

    I hope that when dealers get more Hi caps that they don't double the price on them even though could.

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    Welcome to the board. Have to agree the news is having the opposite reaction that was being hoped for. There is no way the people buying these guns are "gun nuts", though a minority are. These are just people who see a right in jeopardy. I hope the politicians see this even if people are not contacting them.
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    Welcome to the group !!!

    This happened back in late 1993 and early 1994 when the clinton stupidity took place. It took a few years even during the ban for prices of standard capacity AK and AR mags to stabilize and as soon as the ban sunset in 2004 prices dropped like a rock.

    My take is that prices will remain crazy until we find out how stupid or rational our government is. If they go crazy and try to ban standard capacity mags, prices will stay high, but if reason comes to the stupid in our government, and the news media stops throwing gasoline on the flames, prices will most likely come back to near what they were but I still suspect they will remain higher than last year's prices but not by much.

    As for restocking, expect crazy prices until reason sets in, assuming we have members of congress that remember they took an oath to uphold the constitution and not shred it.

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    The awakening of the proverbial "sleeping giant" comes to mind.

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    Yesterday I started looking at obscure sites for mags
    and found a few, but for the most part all of the good
    mags are sold out. I don't need mags because I bought
    all of mine a while ago. Good thing I did, the prices are
    insane right now.
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    newbe here.....i was at a gun show on sunday.....just WOW....i was at the same show the month before.......the prices have almost doubled....30 rd mags 80.00.....wasr 1.000 plus.....223.....950 per a 1000.......i did find some good deals but,not many,(1000 rds 223 for 350.00).....1 dealer there sold 12 new under folders 1.400 each in the first 2 hours....crazy!

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    I could see some of this crapola coming to light as soon as I saw Slick Willy Stumpin for BHO......didn't even wait for tghe application of the vaseline. If it isn't bad enough with all these bleeding liberals having their hayday our own boys are soaking each other for all they are worth. It's like the ticket scalpers at a rock concert........I know guys are finding a reasonable priced black rifle and putting them on GB for 3x's the price and some at 4x's. Greed at it's worst, the antis must be sitting back laughing. I told a friend I got a deal on a Krink pistol and he ordered two, becuase he phoned the order he got his at the advertised price...SOG tried to tack on another $100 on mine. When I wouldn't comply they cancelled my order. Think my buddy would sell me one for what he bought it for....yeah right. Probably could get a job at SOG. I guess now is not a good time to buy anything. Then again I don't really need anything.
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