Well let me start by saying that I have been an AR guy since 1997. I have done custom builds on complete lowers, stripped lowers and multiple 80% lowers. Including some custom work on shotguns and handguns. Two years ago I switched from an AR guy to an AK guy. I have a few Saiga's, a WASR 10 and a Yugo under folder. This is my first build with a 80% PSL lower. The spot welding will not be a problem or most of the rivets either. Here is my issue. Because of the humps in the front of the receiver I was told I will have to make a new jig or something to properly hold the front Trunnion and install the trunnion rivets. Is there any information someone can share with me to make this easier? I am also looking to do a magazine modification, I saw someone on here modded a Lahti Magazine to work but he does not explain how he did it. Can anyone help?