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Thread: Cook County coroner posts online photos of unidentifed in morgue

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    Post Cook County coroner posts online photos of unidentifed in morgue

    I didn't open any of the photos but if you use the link and go to the red link at the bottom of the article for the Cook County Medical Examiners Office and then the "unidentified persons" on the right it will take you to the info and the photos. Not sure if this is good/bad or productive but I guess it might be a way for someone to find a loved one that has passed.

    Here's the actual link to the Medical Examiners Office,_office_of
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    Thats sad they have to do that. Many are probably unknowns....People with no family, no friends. Insane that a person could die and have no one to claim them, no one to identidy them. Really sad.
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    I'm guessing most are the human debris in major cities?


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