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    Talking Amazing Trigger

    AT the range this morning I got to shoot one of my SKSs for the first time. I had purchased it a few months ago, but today was her first trip to the range with some AKs and some pistols. My God!!! The Chinese trigger on this particular gun is so smooth! It has no take up per se, but a smooth fluid pull to bang. I have felt pro trigger jobs on ARs that don't feel this good. What a terrific gun... and very accurate, too.

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    Congrats as most of them have triggers that are very heavy and often you feel grinding vibrations as you pull them. I have shot one Chinese SKS and it was a shotgun or a tack driver depending on where you gripped the forearm. The trigger was as described.

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    I have three Chinese SKS's that I bought back when they were cheap and readily available. One has a long crunchy trigger pull. One has a long, but very smooth, trigger pull and the third has a very crisp trigger with no take up at all. Go figure.

    BTW, I put them all in Choate "Dragunov Style" stocks. One of the best things I ever did to a gun.
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