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Thread: M76 pictures

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    8 mm version I'm assuming. Nice.

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    M76 pics & issues

    Thanks. It was annoying to have to fix the magazine sitting to low. I ended up having to grind where the rear locks into the receiver by eliminating part of the safety catch that was in the way. Then I had to make the magazine lock longer to make it sit higher. I have a youtube video on it under the same username. The catch was also over closing, contributing to the problem. I had to make a shim shaped to the outside of the trigger guard and put it in with a screw.

    Would I do it again? Hell yeah!!

    Would it have been easier to get a Vepr with a 27" barrel in 54r and be happy? Probably, yes.

    AWO also has these in 308 and 30-06, not just 8mm. They probably do better quality control then tick bite supply does.

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    Re: M76 pictures

    Pretty cool. What scope is that?

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    Russian PSO looks like 8 X 42 variable.
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    He had it for sale on Gunbroker a few weeks ago.

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