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Thread: wheres all the info on Folding stock?

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    wheres all the info on Folding stock?

    I cant seem to find any info on putting a folding stock on a saiga rifle...223 or 7.62x39 or even find any pics of saiga rifles with folding stocks. Im not talking about the ace folding stocks or tapco...but the triangle and this type of stock. arsenal_SLR107-62.jpg Never owing a saiga this leads me to believe that either theres a legal issue...IE the serial number being in a bad place on the receiver and adding this type of folding stock would deface it. Or because of some difficult engineering problem....or maybe i just suck at searching the web haha. Any info would help. Thanks! Etd.....I swear I can see some type of writing or serial number toward the butt end of the receiver in several pictures I've seen of saiga rifles....but the pictures are not clear enough to make out anything
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