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Thread: Modern Rifle season for deer?

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    I took my very first deer with MAK91. Took some with with Mini30. But I do much prefer .308 for deer. Something like a Saiga .308? I have done that too.
    No mag limitations in WI for hunting.

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    It'd be nice to have a .308 AK.
    Here's my set up for now. I have a bunch of empty casings filling the mag except for 5 loaded soft points. And a back up 30 rounder in case of need to fend off some of the more malicious wild life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Schuetzenman View Post
    It surprises me they don't limit mag capacity for the hunt. 5 rounds in a mag should be more than enough. If you miss the deer is going to go into high gear running off. If you can't hit it standing still your chances of hitting it going warp 9 are even less. IMO no need to blast the shit out of the country side trying to make up for the missed first shot.

    Now if you think there's a band of dangerous killer wild life in the area, pack a loaded 30 rounder in your pocket. Shouldn't take that long to swap out a 5 rounder for a 30.
    It isn't about carrying a bunch of ammo because you need it to put down an animal. The Rifle is for more than just hunting, and even though it's primary purpose at that time is for downing an animal, it could very easily be needed for defensive reasons. I shouldn't have to take the time to swap a mag out to high capacity if needed. Our Border hunting units are a prime example of why you need a 20-30 Magazine. I've been woken up before by 30+ illegals making my camp home at 3am and all I had was a bolt action with 4 rounds and a pistol with 7. We finally got the BS stripped here in arizona and no longer have mag limits except for the federal ones in place for shotguns used on migratory birds.

    The last elk hunt I carried my PWS 308 loaded with a 20rd mag. I used 2 for the Elk, and the second one was only because she was almost 400 yards up a cinder hill, it was 3* out and I wasn't in the mood to possibly chase her around the top all afternoon. All the other bullets were in there specifically because of the massive coyote population in that area that we were thinning. sometimes it takes a few to put down a couple running dogs.

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