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Thread: Compound Bow Question

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    Compound Bow Question

    At a recent Boy Scout yardsale, I picked up a new-looking Bear Warrior III bow. It's an introductory bow for young kids and has a 45# pull. I bought it for my grandkids so that when they come over and want something to do, I can send them out tot he back yard and they can shoot targets.

    The question is this: If I change the pulleys over to a larger size, will that result in any increase in power?

    Personally, I would love to get it up around 50#-55# so I could use it if I ever decide to get back into bow hunting/fishing. The thing I really like about it is its size. It's small compared to all my other recurve bows and I like that size bow.

    Do you think the larger pulleys would work?
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    Different wheels = new cable. I wouldn't change anything. It's for kids, built for 45# pull. Compact bows affect accuracy, meaning the longer wheel base is easier to shoot and maintain accuracy.
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